Monday, November 21, 2011

The Making of Avristar Part 6


There are a few tribes on AVRISTAR, and they are divided into two types really, the kinfolk and the elders.

The kinfolk when born to the land; are distributed between the three of the provinces of AVRISTAR, Evensess in the south, Amersil in the west, and Araraema in the east. (Go ahead and think Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Slytherin and Hufflepuff, it helps the concept along.)

EVENSESS is filled with mixed kinfolk, elvens, feorns, and fae. (I’ll explain what a feorn is later) They’re taught by 9 elders that live in the woods. The thing about Evensess is that it’s natural and it’s magical. It’s where the kinfolk learn to become landkeepers, lorekeepers, seers, healers, weavers and messengers. There’s a strong stigma in Avristar that the kinfolk will marry the land and travel to the Lands of Men, this is their way of life (call it dystopian if you want to while you’re at it, this isn’t some utopian island, it just seems that way, but nothing is as it seems in my books.) The kinfolk after fifteen summers go to see the Great Oak who gives them a parable that will spell out their future. The Great Oak is always right; there is no escaping its words. Most kinfolk are able to live with the words of the Great Oak, they follow them to a tee, and nothing of importance happens in their lives.

But Kaliel isn’t only a Child of Avristar, she’s not only a Kinfolk from Evensess, she’s a flame that this changes things for her.

In AMERSIL there is the Brotherhood. These are the handpicked apprentices of Lord Istar, or the best of the best. They’re all boys, and they all have magnificent abilities. They’re taught to be judges, warriors, and peacemakers. Their journeys to the Lands of Men are seen as triumphs. They’re taught weather manipulation, elemental manipulation, including how to grow seeds, how to move mountains with their minds, and how to create fire with their minds. They’re strong, aloof, private, and mysterious. They also receive parables from the Great Oak.

In ARAREAMA is the Sisterhood. This is where I let all of the myths and legends about Morgan Le Fay and the fae people exist. The Sisterhood is exactly down that line, glass like faces, beautiful paper thin wings; and a mysterious tradition that neither Kaliel nor Krishani knows a lot about. (Crafty of me huh?) But these girls DO come to the Fire Festivals in Orlondir and that’s the important thing.

On the other side of things, the kinfolk are sometimes allowed to marry each other and settle down in the villages in Orlondir or Nandaro. It would be hard to have a world where nobody got married to each other, and everyone married the land and then left. There are tribes of Kiirars (lorekeepers) in the northern province Nandaro, and all sorts, centaurs, shee, elvens, you name it, it probably exists in Nandaro. In Orlondir there are villages like Hawklin which are predominantly made up of feorns.

I really don’t believe that the entirety of AVRISTAR will ever be explored in full, but that’s the beauty of it, some things remain mysterious.

And tomorrow I’ll go into more detail about some of the traditions I’ve briefly mentioned here.

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