Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Making of Avristar Part 5

Spirits of the Land

This topic always makes me feel alive because of all the significant plot points that were tied to the spirits of the land.

There are two spirits of the land on AVRISTAR. If you’re unfamiliar with spirits of the land, you really need to get a hold of Soulcraft by Bill Plotkin as he explains the voice of the land in an incredibly beautiful way.

Spirits of the land have existed in almost every culture from the Celts, to Native Americans, to Australian Aboriginals. The cultural backing behind spirits of the land is the same everywhere, the land itself is alive. It’s a living, breathing entity.

In FLAME OF SURRENDER, AVRISTAR herself is a living island. Her breath is the wind, her tears are the rain, her body is the land itself, and so on and so forth.

Usually when there is a spirit of the land, there is a medium in place that channels the spirit. In AVRISTAR’s case, it’s the GATEKEEPER.

The second spirit of the land on Avristar is AVRED. He’s the male spirit of the land, and again, in his case, the SHEE speaks for him.

As with anything you can imagine that AVRISTAR is the female voice of the land, and AVRED the male. They work opposite one another, they’re NOT in harmony and this again, creates additional conflict and drama in THE FERRYMAN AND THE FLAME series.

Also, in case you’re wondering why I didn’t talk about the Great Oak, he’s a tree, and all the trees speak, and they’re not really considered spirits of the land itself, I consider them more like ents.

Tomorrow we’re going to talk about the tribes in Avristar . . .

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