Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Making of Avristar Part 3


This was both difficult and easy. I again, instinctively took from mythology, from the folk tales that I loved the most, and I weaved them together. I didn't include things I thought were cheesy, only things that could be connected to my characters.

In my books, the relationship between the characters and the land is paramount. I've read three books on ecopsychology which is all about our relationship with the land and how that affects us as people.

In EVENSESS, there are thick vibrant forests full of vegetation, trees so big they're like stone walls, trees that talk, knee high grasses, herbs growing wildly everywhere, along with flowers. There are animals in the forest that are friendly, squirrels, sparrows, owls, canaries, rabbits, frogs, goldfish, and deer.

In AMERSIL, it's the same landscape, but there are evergreens, and more cabins, and there's a field with shorter grass.

In ARARAEMA, there's thinned out trees, and more vegetation, and unknown things because my characters never go there.

In ORLONDIR there are apple trees everywhere, and a few birch and maple trees. There are the orchards, the rolling fields to the north, Mount Tirion, the waterfall, some perfectly cut hedges, rainforest like vegetation on the south side of the mountain, and then the villages scattered about the land.

In NANDARO there are evergreens, a creek, mounds, maples, red cedars, birch, hazel, elder and oak trees. There's more tropical vegetation closer to the northwest, where there are also villages of tribes. NANDARO also remains somewhat unexplored.

Surrounding AVRISTAR is the lake, a lake that stretches on and on and leads to nothing without the magic words to make the Lands of Men appear. There's a mist that settles over the lake, and the only way to leave AVRISTAR is through the mist, on the wooden long boat with a gargoyle at the helm.

Tomorrow we’ll discuss what exists Across the Lake.

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