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Spotlight post .. Erin Nicholas

Excerpt of Forever Mine

Alex laughed. He liked Maya. The thought hit him directly in the gut.

Maya smiled brightly, and he admitted that he was intensely attracted too. Now fast attraction—that he’d experienced before. But it had been a long time since even that had happened.
“I’m Dr. Alex Nolan. I’m on staff at Boston Children’s Hospital. I’m on their website if you want to look me up.”
Maya suddenly frowned. “I can’t believe I didn’t think of that.”
“Of what?”
“Googling pediatricians and finding out who you are after the mall the other day,” Maya said.
Alex raised an eyebrow. “Wouldn’t that be a little creepy?”
“Probably,” she agreed. “Maybe that’s why I didn’t do it.”
He laughed. “Well, to further decrease the creep factor, I do have a kid,” he said. “A daughter. Charlotte. We call her Charli. She’ll be ten next month. She’s very into superheroes, GR, and swords, and I know nothing about any of that. I liked the demonstration at the mall and thought I’d come check out your studio.”
“So you’re wanting to sign her up,” Maya said with a nod. “Okay, not creepy at all.”
“Uh…” Alex knew this was going to sound strange. “Actually I want to take the class myself.”
Maya frowned. “These classes won’t teach you about superheroes exactly,” she said. “They are kind of a combination of stage fighting and martial arts and self-esteem workshops.”
“I know.” He’d been on the website. Which is how he’d found out more about the studio. And where he’d stared at Maya’s photo before going in to look up more about her on the internet. Which was how he found out that her classes had won some local awards, she’d been a brilliant cop—who had not, incidentally, been fired for beating someone up—and that she regularly blogged about superheroes and their fandom and the psychology of that fandom. He’d bookmarked her page immediately.
 “And the things you do in class sounds like the perfect bonding activity for Charli and me. I’ll take the class and then go home and teach her.”
Maya looked puzzled. “Why not just bring her to class?”
“She…” He swallowed. Charli would love Maya. Hell, if she saw Maya with those pointy-weapon-things, she’d want to be Maya.
But Alex had only seen Maya twice, and he’d already witnessed her get hit with a Bo staff, punched in the ribs, and cut with some kind of sharp hand weapon. Which reminded him that she’d been bleeding.
He looked down, but the bleeding had already slowed or stopped. Which was what happened when a person with normal blood got cut. But Charli didn’t have normal blood. She didn’t bleed faster, but she would bleed longer—because of the genetic mutation he had passed on to her.
He’d told her mother that Charli should be able to try whatever she wanted. But he’d also told her he’d keep Charli safe. If Charli took classes here, he would have to fill Maya and her staff in on the hemophilia and precautions and treatment…
 “She has some special needs,” he said, cringing a little as he said it, knowing that Maya might easily jump to conclusions that were not at all correct. But it didn’t matter what she thought. This was the right thing for Charli.
But Maya didn’t even blink. “Okay,” she said. “I understand. Maybe…” But she trailed off while watching him thoughtfully without completing the sentence.
“Maybe what?” he asked.
“Maybe I could teach you and your daughter a private Super You class.”
He was surprised at her offer, but more—he was tempted. Which meant he had to say no. The timing for meeting a gorgeous, intriguing woman couldn’t have been worse. “I think a class with lots of other people, especially kids, would be better.”
Maya was direct. He liked that. And he could return the favor. “Because you look just as good in workout pants as you do in leather.”
Her eyes widened in surprise just a beat before her smile widened. “And that’s a problem?”
“It is when I’m trying to give all of my extra time and attention to my daughter.”
She studied him for a moment. “Okay,” she finally said with a nod. “And once you see the class, if you change your mind, she’s always welcome.”
Alex relaxed. “Thanks.”
 “You’re not going to feel funny taking a class with a bunch of kids?”
“I love kids,” he told her.
“What about the tights and cape?”
“Tights and cape?” Alex repeated.
“The costume,” she said with a nod.
“Thought the participants all helped create their own character,” he said, realizing she was messing with him.
“They do.”
“Well, there’s no way in hell I would create a character that would wear tights.”
Maya’s gaze wandered over him, head to toe, before she said, Too bad.”


Guess your gonna have to read the book to find out.. How about a chance to win it..

After a Long time off..

 After a long time off . Processing the curve balls life threw me. With Loss and sorrow I checked out when I should of checked in so now I am going to put my foot forward and  do me. Life and changes happen but books and authors and all of that bring me clarity and peace..

Thanks to some amazing authors and books and time off I'm happy to say I am back.

I am going to be that fan girl blogger for a minute. This author has been amazing her books get better and better but more then that she is an amazing human being and friend. I am lucky to have become a friend as well as a fan and even luckier to get to read  her books. Erin  Nicholas' books are amazing and  being able to post on my blog about her  best part of the blogging experience introducing you to authors  I adore.

Erin Nicholas' books have been detrimental to a lot of peoples sanity I am sure because that's what its been for me.  With out authors and books were would we be stuck  with no escape  or movies of the mind

All books not just hers have away of healing   and putting  a balm on a place in your soul that  you didn't even realize needed it.

Erin  Nicholas' isn't the only author tho there are so many and I defiantly will be posting about each of them in due time. This is Erin Nicholas' Release week so she is the spot light of these posts.

If you haven't read any of  Erin Nicholas work you really should its awesome!!

This is from her Opposits attract series the first two books Forever mine was released tuesday go check those out.

Forever Mine.
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MuG O'comfort goodie awesomeness!

I Big Thank you to Beth over at  Printcess & Living  a Goddess Life 

She sent me these awesome goodies in  our swap. I Just love that mug! She spoiled me with English and Irish Black teas some hot chocolate and candies not pictured and a book from one of my favorite authors. If you haven't go check out her blog and give her some love she is awesome! Thank you again Beth.