Monday, February 10, 2014


Corruption of Power and The Falling Sky

"Are you sure about this?" Rae questioned, "I'm finally out, and you want me to just waltz back in and be her puppet again!?" Tristan stopped for a moment at her hollaring, and he stepped toward her, grabbing his fingers rather roughly at the ends of her chin. "And what would you do, hum?" She tried to back away, but he clinch his grip. "We could let you have this freedom, and then everyone you know and love will die for it. She has made this very clear!"

"You're right." Rae said with a whimper, and withdrew against Grayson when his hand let go. "Something isn't right here." "I know." Grayson acknowledged, then he hugged her softly. "I love you Rae, I can't go anywhere near the Queen, so I'll have to stay back, but, I'm sending your brother with you okay?" "Okay." Rae said, as Fen nod his head, and held out his hand for his sister to take it. Then Grayson quickly latched a grip around Vastiel's wrist before he could leave. "I know that you don't know me, but I need to ask you a favor."

"What might that be?" Vastiel tilt his head, somewhat intrigued that this man would even seek him. "I can't help but feel like there's a dagger in our backs this morning. I would like for you to go ahead of the others. I would like for you to find out, if he's planned something to harm her, because if so, I think you might be the only one able to stop it."

Vastiel turned his head from Grayson to the others who were already bounding well ahead, seemingly unmoved by his lack of presence. "Well, doesn't seem it would hurt, I suppose." - "Thank you." Grayson said patting his shoulder, and Vastiel nod before he slipped off the path they took to take the straightest line directly toward the kingdom, that led him to an answer he would not expect in the forbidden woodlands, where the trees were cast over with an icy blue glow. And had not the frost bitten his flesh and gave him enough to feel anxious over, seeing Lucious did, the man had been recovered, his eye still missing, but, he appear sharper than ever, and it seemed as though he knew Vastiel's every move. For when Vastiel attempted to slip passed him, he was plucked out of hiding by the ring of his collar, and thrown against the dirt, then Lucious chuckle as Vastiel readied his fist against the ground, but his impressive power was interrupted with a sweep of the blade crossing the flow of the breaking earth.

"Your brother was right about you, you impulsive little shit." - "My brother?" - "Oh yes, he told us everything. Now then, come willingly, or, come dead. Your choice." Lucious finished, raising the blade to point between Vastiel's eyes. Meanwhile the others continued their stride until they were near enough the kingdom, they could see the it's high end towers over looking the trees ahead, and Fen suddenly swiped Rae behind him. "This isn't right. I won't do this, not again." This brought Tristan to stop, giving an irritated sigh, as he turn his head toward them. "We've been over this, why she cannot have the freedom you all seek, right now." - "But now, with you, I seen what you could do, you can help us fight this, help us fight the Queen. Think about it, we could finish her off once and for... all." Fen had finished, but as he did, he noticed the pulsating nerve in Tristan's temple.

"What happend to you?" Fen questioned, "Are you a loyalist dog?" Fen began to push against Rae's chest, as he too step away from Tristan, who first, gave him a devilish grin, before he reply. "I wouldn't say I was so loyal, but, I would say arrangements have been made, so, I will see to it, that she gets there, one way or another." - "What!?" Rae screamed, shoving Fen out of her way, and charging toward Tristan punching him in his mouth. "You get a little jealous and so you betray me just like that!?" - "Truth be told, I would have anyway, don't be so surprised!" Tristan shouted back, then his arm curled around her neck, and he moved as though he would disreguard Fen entirely, until Fen began to let out a low growl, his pulse beginning to race. "Fen, no!" Rae tried to stop it, feeling the arm ease from around her neck, but as he lept toward Tristan he was forced back to his flesh by the stinging blade that impaled him, driving his body to the dirt, and then twisting, and continueing to tear through his chest until Rae scream from behind Tristan. "Fine, stop! Stop, and you can take me back!" - "Good girl." Tristan grinned, his arm extending as the other motioned to rip the blade out of Fen's chest, and as she moved against the arm, he sweep her in against himself, and began dragging her at the ends of her toes, toward the castle leaving Fen bleeding out.

"Seize him!" The Queen bellowed out, as many men approach, including Lucious, and another man who appeared very similar to Grayson, upon Tristan returning with Rae, and as Lucious and this man led up their frontline, the Queen moved quickly to snatch hold of Rae, to pull her away from the middle of it all. "You think, you can betray me, with this lot?" - "Grey, kill him." The Queen gave her order, then the man beside Lucious drew forward, grinning from ear to ear. "With pleasure, m'love."

But even so, Tristan maintained his cocky grin, and as Grey swiped his hand against the outside of his blade, and it gave an eerie glow, Tristan mimiced this motion with his own, embueing Fen's blood to it as a source of energy, so as their blades collide, it rained embers of fire, then Lucious moved in behind Tristan shoving his own into Tristan's back, but only to feel the heel ram against his knee, snapping the bone, then Tristan ripped the blade from himself, turning both against the lower ends of his palms. "Now, I will kill you all." Grey stepped back just short of his hair being sliced from before his scalp, and as the others charged in, Tristan cut through them with ease, then focused on the man again. "Atleast your brother was more impressive, Grey." Tristan mocked, "He wasn't quite as much of a bitch." "I could say the same to you!"

Taking a deep breath Rae watched as Tristan and her uncle collide time and time again, then, she grab hold of a dagger hanging from the Queen's person, jerking free from her grasp, but to everyones surprise, she struck the dagger all the way through Tristan's back, and through his heart. Meanwhile still back a ways, Grayson kneel and fell with his back against the tree, and he gave a soft sigh seeing his son barely holding himself up, and with only his palm keeping his insides in. "With these words, we serve whomever might hear them." Grayson began, then through bloodstained mutter Fen joined him. "That a stone might fall this circle, when we need it most. That this world might find its balance, so that many wrongs might be undone, and so that we may endure through time. May the old gods hear us now, and harken to our blood. That no harm be done to those deserving, and may they protect and guard us who have followed the book to the letter, in this right and ready hour."

"You... bitch." Tristan sputtered up blood himself, his attention turning back the girl who stabbed him in his back, but then as he drew to return her killing blow, and Grey to stop him, everything seemed to be frozen in a moment, where the sky turned a wicked orange glow, and it seemed like there were three moons, each resting above the one beneath it, then Rae being drug by the Queen and the others who ran, moved inside with a greatly needed haste, leaving Tristan behind as fire bellowed from the last of the three moons, and plummet toward the ground like falling stars, giving the illusion of the sky itself falling. Where every pound against the ground outside, caused even grown men to scream and weap at the fear that this rain would be their end, but then, almost as quickly as it had come, it had ended, and when they step back out from those massive doors, they could see the deep graded cut through the earth, where Tristan lie, not speaking, but alive, staring up at all of them, his cuts and wounds seemingly stitching themselves up. "Fine, if he will not die, then Rae, seal him as you would one of the slaves." - "But what about.." Rae tried to argue, but was silenced by the hand shoving her forward. "Do as you are told!" And she did, moving her hands over Tristans flesh, she began to seal him into a thick block of ice, but she couldn't help but feel torn, when his hand raised to touch her cheek, showing that he could move, and yet he didn't try to stop her.

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