Thursday, January 2, 2014


Escape into The Wrong Arms

Rae sighed softly, rubbing her fingers against the small risen bumps where her binds had kept her in place, then she stood to her feet, checking first that the surroundings were clear, she made her way to the mainhall, where she could hear them chatting in each direction, and she stare to the stairway leading up to the balcony, this time, she was more determined than ever, she would end her suffering, even if no one else understood it. And because of this, this time, she ran so hard, that she gained the attention of her guards, who chased her up the stairs, to the edge of the balcony watching in shock as the Queen's pet lept from the edge, and as she plummet toward the ground, and the cold chill bit her flesh, she closed her eyes tightly, embracing death.
But then, she found herself in the embrace of another, where she landed, and could hear the huff of breath, and opened her eyes to find her back and legs extended over opened arms, and she sucked her breath in heavily then softly exhale. "I guess" she spoke softly, "we really are destined to keep finding eachother."

"Or catching." Vastiel gave a soft, but uncomfortable laugh. And his heart quickend more in pace, as she clung her arms around his neck. "Then don't leave me again, let's run, I'm not sure where, but anywhere, we can leave all of this behind us, be together, even if it's only for a little while, we could be happy." He thought about what he would say to her, could he just tell her she had fallen into the arms of the wrong brother? Tristan told him to play his role, but, did this count aswell? Then he felt her smack lightly against his chest. "Come on." She said, "They'll be coming any minute, and when they don't find me flat as a pancake, then they're just going to take me back in there!" And sure enough, Vastiel could hear the guards coming, and he sat Rae down to her feet, and stare into her eyes. "Do you really wish to be free?" "Of course."
This answer was good enough for him, but his reaction was not what she expected. "Let's end this then, shall we?" As their enemy crossed the corner in numbers, he made sure to step her back behind himself. "Traitor, relinquish the princess, immediately." "Come, come and get her!" Vastiel commanded. "No, we need to run, we need to get out of here." Rae argued, but it was too late, as the guards charged ahead, Vastiel fearlessly charge toward the numbers, his shoulders tensing, his back straightening before they would meet at a middle ground, and he lift his fist then dive it down into the earth, tremoring the ground beneath their feet, then as he rise, he immediately changed his own tactic, for if the wearing of an angel, or a demons blood, was enough to be infused with such a power, he thought, what better way to become more powerful, than to sink his teeth into the first one who was close enough, and he bit, and ripped away the flesh, like a madman, dropping the first of the men to the path of the dead, as he moved on to the next. And Rae watched his carnage, "Oh god.." she muttered, now certain of her mistake, when she felt the braced hand latch hold of her. "You're coming with me, Princess." Lucious said with a chuckle watching as Vastiel was busy tearing the others apart.

"Get off of her!" Fen's voice hollar out, as he lept from the trees, down toward Lucious who grabbed hold of the arm that fiercely held a dagger for the center of his head, then his laugh became more wicked, as he plucked the dagger away, then tossed the boy to the ground, and he moved in standing above him preparing to slit his throat, before Rae lept onto his back, her arms gripping around his neck, squeezing, choking Lucious as if she were intent on breaking his neck, so he turned the dagger around in his palm, and struck it into her left side. "Learn your place," He sneer. "You little bitch." Suddenly his attention jerked to the much higher pitched screams of agony, and just as soon as he turned to see what was left of their guards fall, he was caught off guard by the approach of a hand, that would move with the light, then the other as they closed in around his skull, and began to squeeze until Lucious roar in pain.
Tristan held Lucious by his head, and the look of anger beyond overwhelming, it was apparent he had witnessed what happend, and he was not happy, his thumb nail burying in beside the eyeball then digging until he pulled Lucious's left eye from it's socket, dropping him and leaving him furled with his hand against his face screaming bloody murder. "Tristan.." Rae tried to explain, "I'm sorry." "We will discuss this later!" He ordered, "Let's get out of here, before more of them show up." And as he lead them, he purposely bash himself against Vastiel, rocking him to the ends of his toes, leaving him looking both stunned and hurt, "Tristan?" He tried for his attention, "Tristan wait." and Vastiel's pain intensified, as he seemed to snub him.

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