Friday, December 27, 2013


The Ghost of Paquiest

Tristan arched from a perch above the city street labled Paquiest, with Grayson and his son, staring down at the man, who for some reason, left him with an pulsating ache near to the pit of his stomach, be it the slightest chance of heartbreak, or perhaps disgust. "Look at him, happily surrounded by guards, sitting with his legs crossed, fancy and well off, this is not the man for her." "Agreed, so let's cut his fucking head off already!" But Grayson swung his forearm out, stopping him as he arch forward. "Fen, stop!" "But, now is our chance, we have them right where we want them. Where did he go?" Grayson turned his attention to the edge of the perch, to realize that Tristan had lept down, and he moved to the edge himself staring down into the mass of people. "That's a good question. You don't think he's betrayed us do you?" "Son of a bitch."

Suddenly they witnessed the wisp of black, as it swept the street below them, snatching up one of the guards, and dragging him to another alley, and after a few minutes, Grayson tilt his head, watching as Tristan exit the alley dressed in the guards outfit, then he circled the others, listening to their seperate conversations, and diffentiating these discussions with his main focus, the man who spoke of his wealth, into his left ear. And as he single another guard out from the pack, he wrap his arms around their neck, snapping with a quick jolt, then whisking them away, none the wiser, until only three of them remained, and the man turned his attention outward to what was once a sea of guards, to its now very slacked leftover. "Where did Grant, Taris, and the others go?" "Sir, I believe you may be in danger. We should get you out of here." Tristan whispered into his ear. "Nonsense, the Lanecourts do not 'run' from our enemies. Ready yourselves, and gather around me."

Now, Tristan had put himself into a perdiciment. If he risked exposing himself beyond this point, it was inevitable that he would die here, but if he left, then this man of Lanecourt, would regroup, and it would all be for not. So, he gathered in surrounding the man as ordered, as they searched for the enemy in their midst. Suddenly Fen lept down infront of the remnants, whistling sharply, to draw on their attention, while his finger tips carressed the gleam of a dagger held in his left hand. And the three guards prepared to jump at him, just as Tristan could turn his attention toward him, and feeling a sudden urge to protect this boy, his body broke apart into pieces, not even the size of dust, and where he had hoped for a well placed punch, he found himself recollecting, his fist having seaped through the pores of the guard in the middle, where with a simple tug, he had ripped away the nerves, immediately killing him, before Fen swiped the dagger from left to right, carving through the neck of the other two, then the two of them turned their attention to the man of Lanecourt, who took to running the street as soon as he witnessed this turn of event. And Tristan yanked the dagger from Fen and turned to run after him when he found his body doing it again, where he whisped like a ghost from one spot to the next, and as the man turned the corner, his lips curled into a grin much like that of his brother, as he stepped toward the wall beside him doing it again then appearing in a haze of screams and scattered mess before three boundless leaps found him passing the wall at the opposite end, and he came out infront of the man of Lanecourt, stopping him dead at the ends of his toes. "What is your name?"

"Hagar, Hagar Lanecourt." Hagar answered coming back from his toes, stumbling as he moved to back away from Tristan. "For what it is worth, I'm sorry, Hagar, but she is mine." And with that, Tristan had ghosted behind Hagar, leaving him with his fingers twitching, before his midsection opened like peeling apart a ziplock, and a river of blood poured from the still standing body, before it finally collapse. "Holy shit." Fen muttered, having come around the corner only in time to see Hagar collapse, at Tristan's back, and Tristan turned his head and grin. "That felt.. amazing."

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