Friday, December 27, 2013


Strength and The Will of The Heartless

"Who the hell are you?" A deep tone bellowed out, before a man sat up from a rusted mattress, then he sucked his snot back into his throat, and spit it out over the hard wood, and he sat staring at Vastiel. "Gregor sent me." Just the mention of his name stirred the man from his bed to his feet, and he jerked forward, throwing his fist against the wood support, besides Vastiel's head. "Do yourself a favor, and get lost, cupcake."
Vastiel unflinching to the still falling shards of wood beside him, shook his head softly. "What is it here, everyone's some kind of super powered freak, but you're all about useless." "Excuse me!?" "Well it's fucking crazy, I'm a human, I don't have all this excess shit, but, here you are, shaking a fucking house with your fist, if I had some shit like that, I wouldn't be wasting my fucking time in this dump."

"Let me get this straight, you're a human, coming to me like a tough guy, and then you stop to shit talk me!? It's like that!?" Vastiel drew his heel up and kicked the man in his stomach, jerking him away, then he took note that this obviously caused some albeit small ammount of pain, by the way that the man hunched himself, and he nod his head. "Yeah, it's like that, what can I say? I'm pretty heartless, Bryant." "You're going to regret this." Bryant muttered, then as he began to rise back to his feet, he tensed his body, and it deformed to a muscular pattern the likes of which Vastiel had not imagined, the depth of which surrounded the bone until it made distortion in the bone pattern, and re-aligned Bryant's frame so that he seemed more like a gorilla, hunched with his fists against the hardwood, and with two simple leaps, and a swing of his forearm Vastiel was launched through the floor beneath falling against a pool table with Bryant leaping from the massive hole down toward him, so he groan reaching for a pool stick holding it up as though he were desperate for a defense, and then something happend.

The pool stick pierced the flesh, and punctured beneath the ribs as Bryant fell over it, and he swung those massive hands down, pummeling Vastiel's face, but as he punch him, Vastiel couldn't help but feel stronger, and he realized, it was through breaking the flesh, and draining this creatures blood, that he could attribute this new found strength of his, so even as he groan having his face seemingly beaten bloody, he grin between the punches, then grasp at Bryants stomach flipping him down shoving him to the floor beneath him, then snapped a part of the pool stick away, ramming it violently into Bryant's neck, and with each jab of this stick, he felt more energy pump through his own body, and he continued to pierce it again, and again until Bryant stopped moving, but then he stood above him, and he watch as he pant and tremble, his face twisted into the most sickening grin. "Fucking useless, indeed." "Wait, stop." Bryant muttered. "Whatever your deal is with Gregor I can make it better." "Don't worry, you already have."

And with that, Vastiel stood over Bryant, piercing his body more and more rapidly, with every stab as Bryant became more like a puddle of flesh over exposed meat, and blood, until he could barely recognize a piece left to stab, and felt nothing new from this experience, then he left the stick stabbed to the center of this mound, and stepped away pulling at the door behind him ripping it from its frame. "Much, much, better." He said with a grin, as he tossed it away, and step outside to a lit up Gregor, who seen him bathed in Bryant's blood. "I definitely think we can come to an arrangement boy." "I think so too, unless of course, on the way home, you'd like to become like our friend in there, old man."

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