Monday, February 10, 2014



"Why?" Rae asked, staring at the shivering man before her. "Why did you hurt my brother, why, did you do all of this?" But, no matter how she worded the question, no matter, how she approached the subject, she could not get an answer from him, even though this had now been a month of her trying each day. Then he turned his eyes toward the door, causing her to panic some, and this time, he whispered in the softest voice near to her ear. "Go ahead, I'm ready." The tone in his voice made her shiver some, but then she heard the knuckles as they pad against the wood, and she touched her fingers to his wrist, where the ice quickly crawled up his shivering flesh once more.

"Why do you still insist on coming in here?" The Queen questioned, staring down at Rae. "And for a man who obviously hated you so much, I really do not understand you." - "I don't know, mother, I guess a part of me is still looking for answers I know I will never get." - "All the more reason you should give it up, besides, I want you to come and see, it seems fate, has judged his twin, much the same way on its own. Always knew it was the devil's work, for there to be two souls that much akin." This set Rae's mind racing, especially when the meer mention brought Tristan's eyes to shift from inside the wall of ice, showing he was listening to their conversation, and was able to understand this much.

And sure enough, as she said, when they arrived in the forbidden grounds, they found the small bed of water where Lucious and Grey had dumped Vastiel's body, now frozen over, and it seemed as though the trees had bent and curled in to take hold, where a crystal like stone held Vastiel inside it, having him sealed away, much like Tristan was. And much like his brother, Vastiel's eyes moved to follow Rae. And while she may have been heart broken enough to find some justice in doing so to Tristan, she couldn't help but feel a little more crushed, seeing him captured this way.

"Imagine that, the god's seen fit to cage the other beast, while we did the work for them with that traitor. Isn't that something?" The Queen encouraged the cheerful glee of others who witnessed the body in the stone of ice. And as she boast, Rae not taking her eyes from him, could see the strangest glow from doll-like black eyes that shift as he watch the Queen, and even his finger tips seemed to move only slightly, with blood grinding the stone as if he were clawing away at his entrapment from the inside with such an urge to kill the Queen. "And yet, it stands all the more reason, we must not allow the public to enter this domain, I want to see more security here, yes, much more." The Queen demanded, as she began to leave the way they had come, and Rae turned her head to watch her, as she hollar for Rae, but then for a brief moment returned her attention to Vastiel hoping he would understand, she mouthed 'I will return tonight.'

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