Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Free The Beasts

Rae took in a deep breath, exhailing slowly, as she approached the firelight shining through the darkness. She then pulled the hood from her ceremonial robes over her head, and she veered off beside the light, crawling through the thick patches of ice that clung around the trees, using her energy she soaked the ice down to small drips of water to avoid creating too much noise, then when she would hear them approach, she laid down against the cold ground, and stare up at the feet that moved nearby, and when they would distance themselves enough, she'd push back up to her feet, then used a small blue glow from the ends of her fingers to navigate the forbidden forest, following the trails of blood, toward the patch of ice where Vastiel was frozen.

And he stare down at her, highly alert, his eyes darting to every motion of her fingers. "It's okay, I'm going to get you out, just give me a moment." She then pressed her hand against the stone, but unlike the rest of the ice, she couldn't seem to so easily just melt it away, and when she would stop, he seemed to grow furious, his fingers scraping at the inside again. "No, please, stop. You're going to hurt yourself. I'll think of something, I promise!" Rae begged, but still he seemed intent on clawing his way out, so she tried to think more quickly, but she knew that if her energy couldn't melt it away, she'd need to break it, and there was only one way she would be able to do this. She walked away from the crystal again, this time moving back to the small patch of blue faerie grass that she had hidden in before, and she laid still in wait.

Finally Rae could see the heels she had seen before, and she put her hands around a rather large stone, pushing herself up then lifting the stone with her, carrying it above her head, as she crept behind the man who had wandered back and forth, and she bashed it against the back of his head. "S-sorry." She muttered, before she tugged roughly to unsheath the sword from his back. Then she marched back toward the stone, this time unhindered by the worry of the prying eye, and she grasp both hands around the blades handle, giving it her all to strike at the crystal, and causing small cracks before taking in a deep breath squeezing tighter, and swinging again, and as these cracks grew deeper, she could see Vastiel relax, and his face twisting into a grin. "I told you I would get you out." She said before she backed away, and this time charged at it to swing the blade against the crystal harder, this time the cracks began to open from the top, while beginning to stretch toward the bottom, then she heard Vastiel letting out a loud roaring and growling noise, and his hands jerked violently from inside the stone. "What are you doing? You're going to get us caught, stop!" - "Naughty, naughty, princess." Lucious chuckled behind her, causing her to freeze mid-swing, while Vastiel continued to trash and tear at the inside of the stone. "Well, he really is a monster, isn't he?" Lucious stare at him, then press the frame of his glasses up along his nose, then began to step toward Rae. "Come now, let us get you back home, so we can tell your mum, what a naughty little girl you truly have been."

And, with a loud kick, the crystal shattered against the tree limbs, while Vastiel lept from inside of it, and came down on bended knees, with his palms against the icy floor between Rae and Lucious. And when Lucious took just one more step, he was upended from his feet, by a charging bound and his hands which probed his person for a weapon to use were pinned against the ground floor, and he could see Vastiel's eyes shade to black again, as he leaned in closer to his face. "Am I a puppet... or a God?" He questioned, before he stretch his jaw out, and two rows of teeth emitted their surface of the gum, behind the first row, like small jagged spires that ripped through the flesh as he bit down through Lucious' neck, and dug deep into the throat silencing him with the sound of a whistle that escape when he attempt to scream. But then, as Rae approach him, his shoulders hunched, and he twisted away from her, licking the blood from his lips, as he backed far enough away to leave the path, then turned and ran away from her, leaving her standing over Lucious whose head barely remained attached by only fibers of flesh, wondering, what had she just done?

While Vastiel's new state had frightend her enough, that she felt compelled to inform the others of his release, the Queen's plan to fight him, made her even more uneasy. "I'm so confused right now. I don't know who I can trust, if I can trust anyone. And yet she thinks I can get you to somehow fight for us. Like you would listen to me, any better than he did." Rae spoke to Tristan while his eyes followed her through his icy shell. And his lips parted, showing her that he wanted to speak, so she shake her head, then motioned her hand against his wrist to melt away the ice slowly, but then tilt her head as he took in one single breath of the air around them, then muttered, "Hungry.." "Yeah? You would help me, if I gave you food, is that it? And what you want to eat people too? You just want to eat everyone?" Rae began to seal him back up in her anger, but then stopped hearing him again. "Quite the contrary, I would help you, just to help you, if it is what you wished, I would die for you. But, a sandwhich wouldn't hurt." - "Oh, that's rich. You would die for me? Wait, is that before or after you hand me back over to this life I tried so desperately to get away from!?"

They stare at eachother for a moment in silence, before he began to soak the rest of the ice away himself, then he reach out to embrace her cheek softly as he had before. "I know you have no reason to believe me, but I am yours to command, if you want me to catch my brother, I will, if you want freedom, I will free you." - "Why?" Rae questioned, "Why the sudden change? Why now? Why?" Then he shake his head some. "How about that sandwhich?"

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