Tuesday, February 11, 2014


A Better Understanding

Rae stood with her eyes widening, as she could hear the two of them speak to eachother. "It's nice to see you have made it in one piece, Ash." - "You aswell, Bannon. Shame, it seems our re-kindling is upheaveled by uncertain terms." - "Indeed." The two of them began to circle eachother like two vultures, reacting to the slightest movement the other would make, before colliding together, and jerking a few feet away again.

"Stop, stop it!" Rae hollared, and the brothers turned their attention toward her for a moment. "What is going on, who are you?" - "A million names you could think to call us, but none of them matter, nor would you be anymore accepting if you heard a one." Ash muttered from Vastiel's frame, before charging to strike at Tristan again, then he was swung to the ground violently, with the blade nearly piercing him before he roll away again. "No, you said you would do whatever I told you, right!?" Rae bellowed as Bannon prepared to attack again, in Tristan's frame, but then stopped, hearing her. "This is true."

"And what's to stop me from killing you both, I made no promise to this?" Still, Vastiel sighed, seeing Tristan lower his sword, and he did the same. Then Rae arched in to look Tristan in the eyes. "Please, tell me what is going on here." He stare at her for a moment, then his head nod, even though as his lips even began to part with the secret, Vastiel tensed. "We are observers, who had been watching from another planet, in another space, drawn by a prayer of the dying, and broken hearted, to intervene in a situation, we have both been watching, for a very long time." - "Bannon, stop." He tried to argue, but still he continue to stare down into Rae's eyes. "I have come to guard and protect you, to see you free, and to care for you, until I can no longer do so, and my brother, Ash, came with me, as frightening as he seems, he really is here to help you aswell, princess." - "Don't call me that.." - "I'm sorry, Rae."

She rubbed her fingers against her temples, then stare at them both, while Ash now paced uneased more in her knowing, then she shake her head. "So, when these two died?" - "Well.. It's complicated. That's all I really want to say for now." - "And, you're going to help free me?" Rae questioned, and Ash sigh, his eyes rolling. "The fool fancies himself in love with you. Personally, I only wanted to make a mess, and it would seem doing so, would greatly disrupt this egotistical whores powerful seating." Finally, she could feel a moment of relief, and her arms slung around Bannon's neck, hugging him tightly, even though he did not motion to hug her back. "Well now, until we have come to a better plan, I suggest, we return, inform the Queen of his death, and I play my role through, unless you would truly have me kill him?" Bannon said, and Ash tensed up. "No!" Rae hollared, "That's not necessary, but, are you certain this is the way we need to go? We could just run." - "I told you before, you hadn't a reason to believe in me, but please, Rae, trust me, I will not let you down." With that, she hugged him again, almost as though she were trying to get him to do the same, but again with no reaction, then she pull away, and nod her head. "Alright, I trust you, Ba... Tristan." - "Very good." Tristan said, turning his head to his brother. "Lay low, for now." - "Yeah, yeah, piss off already." Vastiel flicked his wrist, and waited to see them off, before he grin wickedly. "As if that would happen."

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