Wednesday, March 5, 2014


A Queen's Puppet and Possession

"Finally, we've done it." The Queen spoke proudly. She stare through the door to the chamber, where inside, the electric glow emit around a figure, that as it sway weakly within its confinement, the light bend with it, as if to shroud its very face, until the chamber door open, and he step from inside of it's opening. "And you're sure that, this, is what we're after? I mean, look at him." Aleister questioned, "It doesn't really look like it was a success." - "But we used the blood from those two idiots, we couldn't have had a better shot than this. No. This, this has to be it." Now Aleister and the Queen turned to face the clone directly. And the Queen took hold of the wrap from around him, and began to unravel it. Showing his face, as horribly disfigured, he appeared as though he had begun to melt half-way through the process, and he only had one eye, that peer back at them once the clothe was removed.

"Welcome, Cylus." The Queen said, while Aleister shook his head in disbelief, and Cylus turn his eye to face Aleister, then lift his right hand, and through a rasped and weak tone, he mutter. "Obey." And Cylus close his hand, black dust like particles swarmed in with the speed of his fingers touching to his palm, and infested Aleister, flowing into his mouth, nose, ears, and even through the small pores of his flesh. Then Aleister kneeled down to Cylus, "Yes, sir." he said, bending to press his forehead to the floor at Cylus' feet. And the Queen clapped estaticly.

"Mmmm." Tristan stir from his bed at the opposite end of the room from Rae, he stare at her for a moment before the buzz in his left ear became more intense, and he turned and lift to his feet, and as he draw open the curtain, Rae sat up behind him, and for a moment she tried to recover her focus staring through the window, trying to see what he was looking at with the serious face, but she could only see the birds, and the small hint of a storm in the sky. "Is something wrong, Tristan?" - "Everything is, Rae." Tristan replied, through his eyes, he could see the dark mists swirling above them, to him, it blocked out the light, and what perhaps disturbed him more, was that very same storm, Rae had witnessed, the intense crackle ended with a boom, while neon lights discharged through the black haze, and as Rae watch him, she could see Tristan's nose begin to bleed, then he turn his head to face her. "We've come too late. It's already here." Then, his eyes narrow, as he could see Rae begin to tremble, and she fell against him as he open his arms just in time to catch her, and she lay against him tremoring violently.

She felt as though she were watching some sort of film through the most shaken recorder, but she could see Cylus, his disfigured face, as he stood staring down with his one eye, over a pile of bodies, blood dripping from shaken fingers, and at the top rested the Queen, and both the brothers, then his fingers spread open. "More power." He muttered, "Give it to me." And she could see the color being drained from each of the bodies beneath him, until they were turned to stone, and when she came to, she hollar for Tristan, and he quickly placed his hands around her cheeks. "It's okay, breathe. It's okay." But, deep down, Rae knew it wasn't okay.

Rae rested against Tristan's chest, and she waited, until he fell back to sleep, then she lightly kiss his face, before very carefully sneaking away from him. She had a gut feeling of what had to be done, even if it was the last thing she wanted to do, she was determined to return to the castle. But when she did she was greeted by Cylus, curling his lips into a twisted grin. "There.. is our looking glass." And Cylus started to lift his hand just as he had with Aleister.

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