Friday, December 13, 2013


Chaos and Discord Go Hand in Hand

"Hello, Rae." Now free from her knelt spot beside the throne, Tristan tried desperately to capture her attention, but narrow his eyes as she would only pass right by him.
And, for what seemed days into weeks, she would do this, and pass him without replying, not even a single word to him. Finally he grasp at her shoulder, and forced her to a stop.
"Do you hate me so, that you could not even say hello to me?" For a moment, she stare at him, as if him even asking hurt her, but then, she nod her head. "Yes, I hate you." "I don't believe you." "Well believe it, because it's the truth." "No it isn't." By looking into her eyes, and by watching the expressions, he was able to read her like a book, and it burned her up, as she raised her hand, to viciously smack him. "You are a slave here now, Doctor. You have no right to talk to me, let alone touch me!"

"Damn, doesn't look like she wants to talk to you, brother." A gruffer voice bellowed out, and he turned to see a rather charming male face that had been peering over their conversation. A face much like his own. "She said more than you realize, Vastiel. So, how did you get here?" "How else? I followed you, and stuck to the shadows, as I do best." Tristan nod his head to his brother, but it was easily told his attention drifted to Rae again. "She's been ordered not to speak with me, I believe, and so you should know by following me here, it seems we are both trapped in her mothers game." "Oh goody! I wonder if she knows who she has trapped." He emitted with a chuckle leaping down beside him, and giving his back a harsh slap.
But, when it went unnoticed, and did not make him cringe as it normally would, even Vastiel distorted his eyes out upon Rae. "This girl, you are in love with her?" "Quit your talking, and get back to work!" Anothers voice boomed above them, a voice that was all too familiar, when he remembered the ordeal with Thomas. And as the brothers began to work on chemical poisons together, Lucious turned away and headed back toward the chamber with the Queen, and Tristan gave a low growl. "Hear me now, Vastiel. Knowing that man for what he is, I will cut his eye from his head, when he least expects it. This is not our usual plight of sabotage." Vastiel turned his head to look into his brothers eyes, as they intwined with a crimson heat. "This bitch, has started a war." "It all sounds like fun to me."

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