Sunday, December 15, 2013


Alliances and Betrayal

"You! You son of a bitch!" A scream bellowed with a tone mixed between sorrow and anger. As a heavy set pale fleshed man with green eyes wildly approach Tristan, his hands connecting against his chest, and shoving him violently off of his feet. "What is this about, Aleister?" Mary very quickly stepped inbetween the two of them, her gesturing forcing Aleister to cease. "He destroyed my lab, my subjects. He poisoned them." "And when was this done?" "Minutes ago, I watched him pour something unknown into the containers and now they have all died!" "I'm afraid that's impossible, Aleister."
Aleister shook in anger, certain of what he had seen. "It was him I'm telling you, he killed our pets!" "But he's been with me for the last few hours, Aleister!" Mary's voice shot back, shrill, making him stand down entirely. But, as she spoke Tristan stood behind her, the hood lifting away, and his fingers scratching lightly at his freshly shaven scalp, then his eyes turned toward Rae for a moment, who returned his glance with narrowing in her eyes seeing his scalp.

"I'm not going crazy, my Queen. I swear to you, I had seen this man, it was him." "Perhaps we have a shifter in our midst. I did not reckon that you were crazy, only that it was not possible for it to be him. Come, Aleister. We will go to the lab, and I will see if there's anything that might be salvaged from this. Tristan, while we are gone, I ask that you venture with the others to the Eastern sea port and gather the materials again, just in case." "Yes my Queen." Tristan replied, and the two of the headed off while Mary followed behind Aleister in a limped-step. Then Tristan turned his attention fully to Rae, and he stepped toward her.
"Stop there. I told you, I don't want to speak to you." "And I told you, I don't believe you, and I will not be ignored." "Excuse me?" Rae began to argue, but then found herself stunned, as he forced his lips against hers, and he kiss her roughly, until she stopped struggling if only briefly and kiss him back, but then she yanked away when his kiss softened, and she slapped him again. "Even if I do like you.. It doesn't matter, I'm about to be given away to be married to another, you even acting as though you can disrupt this flow with your... your behavior. It doesn't just make you an asshole, it's cruel, in a way you cannot begin to understand."
"Cruelty, is believeing that great change isn't already underway, and that whatever plans have been made, have been made in stone, Rae. Hear me now, you will not ignore me again, and so long as you do not, you will find a great deal of change around here, including this arrangement of marriage." "As though you could actually stop it!" Rae hollared, shoving him away from herself, and he only lean in to give her forehead a soft peck, then backed away himself. "Believe in me, and you'll see, there's nothing I can't do when I set my mind to it." And he left, leaving Rae chained to the throne, but as she watched him away, her eyes widend seeing his brother slide out from behind the pillar nearest the door, and pulling up his hood to walk beside him as they left the Kingdom.

"Did you see the fury in his eyes?" "Indeed. You would think that we'd set out to kill his own children." The two of them laughed, as they walked along side eachother, only with Vastiel occasionally lowering his head in the presence of others, and skipping stoned down the paths as they walked their way to the docks, where they found a large vessle waiting for them. Then they stopped shy, and Vastiel turned his attention back to Tristan. "What shall we do about this trip, brother?" he questioned, and Tristan turned his head for a moment, staring out into a sea of homes, now giving way to an intense summer heat, and he gave an almost delighted, and most twisted grin. "I believe you will be the one making this trip for the supplies she has requested, it's my turn to be sneaky, Vas, just remember play the part well, and for the time being, be the good soldier, but do me a favor?" "Yes, of course." Tristan lifted his finger up to the ship, pointing to large beast of a man standing at its wheel. "Before returning home, see our dear Captain of the Rue has a change of loyalty, by whatever means necessary. If it is violence, so be it, if it be monetary, we can find a way to compensate, but I want it done, in the future, we will need this beauty at our finger tips if my plans are to succeed, and I'd rather not have to cause an accident to see to it."
Vastiel looked on to see the large man stretching his arms out above his head, and groaning out a bellow from the pit of his stomach. "Let's press on then!" "Sure." Vastiel went to reply to Tristan but as his attention had shifted, he noticed he was already gone, and nod his head, pulling back his hood and stepping aboard the ship. "Ahh, Tristan. The Queen has sent you along with?" "Yes, there was an accident. It seems as though we will need to restock the lab supplies." "Too sure, there's always an accident my boy." The man huffed and then lifted his left hand. "Let's get this bitch to the waves!" and Vastiel stepped behind him, then leaned with his back to the wood, his arms folding, but just as he seemed to be watching and investing his time into his target, he could not help but notice, it seemed as though Gregor was watching him aswell.

Meanwhile back in town Tristan had found a bar, the symbols becoming familiar from the stories he had listened to Lucious babble on enough over to know this was not a place welcoming to soldiers and those a kinned with the kingdom, but rather to the outcasts, boldly making itself known as a group of rebellious men who would oppose the Queens role, in its current state, and who would fight hard to see that she not maintain power.
"I propose an offer!" His voice drew in a crowd of attention once inside. "I will fight the best of you, and in return if I should win. You will take your heed from me, so that we might see Mary fall!"
"Bold words, boy." A gruff voice hollared back from a rear table, before a man baring a large stone sword unsheathed from his back, threw it down into the wood floor with a heavy pound that rattled the dust to the ends of Tristan's toes, then he stepped forward so that they were an equal distance between the sword, both he, and the stranger who seemed to bare the Queens robes aswell.
"But be warned, I, Grayson, have never lost a fight in my life, I will not lose now." "Then, if I win, I get your sword aswell, old man." "Hah. I like you, I'm going to crush you, but I like you." And Grayson gestured toward the large blade as if to show him pity.
"Have at you then."

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