Friday, December 13, 2013


The Darkness Reigns

"Contemplated jumping to my death." A final resonate meaning had been given for Tristans disturbing ordeals, and while it did not explain the why, it gave him a feeling of comfort, to know that it was not as sinister as he had imagined. But now, he was faced with the fact, that somehow, her urge to death, plagued him greatly.
Tristan took her fingers and with a near magnetic touch from his other hand, he carressed his finger tips against the back of her left hand, as it made her shiver. "Well, it seems as though, your demise is unwarrented in more ways, than you know, princess." "Please, don't call me that." Rae demanded, and she pull her hand forcefully away from him. And he held his hands both up at head level, to show that he ment her no harm. "I'm sorry, love. I simply want you to know, that, I don't want you dead, not, just because of how it tortures me, but, because you don't seem the type that should leave a world already so wicked."
"And how would you know!?" She barked back, causing his throat to tense as did his jaw but only for a moment before he answer anyway. "You, touched me." "And?"

Tristan began to explain how he would react to the touch of others, when suddenly a searing pain tore across his left cheek, and he stare at the cat, its body heaving chest writhing. "What the hell, Thomas!?" Tristan hollar at the cat, blood dripping down his cheek, but then he cringed, feeling as though an almost acidic burn came over him, and as he touch his cheek the burn spread to the tips of his fingers, and he shook them out franticly. "You have stolen away the princess. Mary will not be happy about this, boy. Neither for our loss of her, or for your heretic stunt. Still, you've given me oppurtunity." Thomas' face twist, and both Tristan and Rae stepped back, watching as the fur knotted, and seemed to rip away in clumps, before what was once a tiny set of feline paws spread until they broke the tile beneath them, and the legs above pulsated with a stronger, and much larger body that contorted its bone structure.
"It's Lucious!" Rae hollared, just as the skull of the cat split and distorted into two halves with razor like teeth that grind like saw blades and he lunged not toward Tristan, but Rae, those teeth aiming to churn her flesh to a puddle, but instead he found them grind down around Tristans forearm, and he mutter. "Fool!" before the second set of teeth closed in around it, and its claws aswell and Lucious clamp down roughly sawing at the forearm as if trying to tear it away, only for Lucious to fall away shaking, as his teeth began to crumble and the claws had been ridden to dust. Leaving the forearm hanging between Lucious and Rae with its plated metal that then swooped down grabbing the much larger cat by its skull, and he drag it down beneath him as he bend to his knees, and began to violently beat Lucious' head into the floor. "I hated this damn cat anyway, finally, a reason to put it out of my misery!" And whether shock, or horror, Rae watched as Tristan beat it into the floor, until there was nothing but a remainder of loose flesh flopping against it, and he release it, with a grunt before wiping the blood from his face. "God damn cat."

"And a traitorous rat, put to his death." Now, another new voice, that made Rae go completely stiff. And Tristan raised turning his head to face it. "Such a charming young man, isn't he darling?" The woman couldn't help but giggle, knowing, that in some way, this aggression frightend Rae. Then the woman held out her hand to Tristan. "Mary Elizabeth, but you, may address me as queen." The extended hand only warrented a narrowing in Tristans eyes, so she withdrew her hand, but in the same motion snatched hold of Rae by the wrist. "I would ask, that you follow us, so that I may reward you for your kind deed, boy, I believe I can offer you the peace you've been seeking, if you do, but, it is your choice."
And for a moment, he watched as this woman brought the black door with the click of her fingers. And Rae seemed to struggle, but was dragged through it. Whether it was for the peace, or something else, he hastend his way through it aswell, only this time, he found himself in a palace the likes he had never even imagined. Such a beautiful crystal-like structure from the floor to the ceiling, that shine brightly of a blue radiant light, and seemed to reflect a beauty beneath Rae, but, there was also something much more dark, and disturbing before him.

Tristan watched as Rae was forced to both knees beside a throne, and chained, so as to be made like a pet at her mothers side. And with his wandering eye, what reflected from Mary, was not a thing of beauty, but a beast. "So, Tristan. You are a doctor?"
Quickly his eyes moved, darting about as he turn his head as though he were taking his time to take in his surroundings, but he looked at each of the able bodies surrounding them, each with a darkness a kin to the Queen, then he turned his eyes back to her, while avoiding looking into the reflection this time. "Yes ma'am." "Very good, we may have a use for you!" Her face gleamed as she said it, with such a perky tone, but beside her Rae seemed almost hurt, disappointed, or perhaps, worried. For she came to the same conclusion that he had come to, when noticing all of these guards surround them. Tristan was not going to leave this place so easily, if he left it alive at all.

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