Friday, August 30, 2013

Serious Moonlight (Web Mini)

Ed. 2

"You must remember, May. You do not have my permission to snoop. You do not touch, you do not even look, where you know you don't belong. Do you understand me?"


"Say it. Tell me you understand me!"

This intense boom behind his voice, made her feel like a child grasping for a security blanket where there was none, and she let out a wimpered response through a cracked tone of her own.

"Yes, I understand you, Aiden."

These words of his, flooded her every thought, only further stressing her out, the more she felt the urge to do so as he slept. Fighting with herself, and yet, she had lost. Carefully nimble fingers found an out of place vase, the bottom had a much greater weight, and with a reason. The slightest dislodge from the stand beneath it, and the bookcase had begun to move to the side, revealing a depth of secrets, a life, but none of these images, as she make her way down the long, and seemingly endless stairway prepared her for the shock at the bottom. There May had witnessed, a beauty with flesh of porcelain, that had begun to decay to ash, as she lay rested in a bed of fresh roses, and she realized, this was not just a life Aiden had hidden from her, for the last few days since she had sworn not to leave, but a tomb of a life that she could expect he would never share.

And yet, she heard the soft sigh, as it roll out over her flesh, making her body tense as if she had frozen to stone.

"I suppose, it was just a matter of time."

"I'm sorry, Ai..."

She tried, but was silenced by the lifting of his pointer finger.

"If there were anything in my life, I should feel pride over, this was it. A woman this magical, just coming into my world, taking a silent, shut away, outcast of a man, and stirring up something in him, that is to say the least, unexplainable. She was so intense, yet, caring, and funny, and always found herself at the center of my attention, and others too, without trying, and she has forever been etched into my brain, like the poison that killed her, and now dissolves her, no matter how I attempt to perserve her, and yet, granted me the curse of living for an eternity without her."

All things fell silent, especially May as she watched Aiden brush his fingers against the womans still remnant flesh of her left cheek, then pull away the strands of dark raspberry toned hair, before he kissed her cheek.

"And even now, I love her with all my heart and soul, even though it has been so long, I forget my days, my weeks, and now, my years. Such a fresh hell, and now, you share in it. Congratulations."

He looked up at May, this time his face churned more with a look of disappointment, and anger.

"I hope you're happy, as the snooping journalist, who cannot accept a man telling her no."

And May, she tried to argue, but, even as the words came out.

"Listen, Aiden. I'm sorry, I just wanted to get to know you better."

They fell to the def, and the dead, as he simply walked away from them both, and she could feel the ice cold crackling chill, tinctured between a mix of darkness, regret, fear, and worst of all silence.

It had been three days, since she had been caught snooping into this dead life, and for each of these days, she drew deeper into depression, caused by the feeling of truly knowing the God, and the monster, of nothing.

The emptiness found when stripped of ones words, destroying any feeling behind them, driving her to act restlessly, and begin to fear the images in the dust and dark, until they knotted her spine when the floorboards would creek, or, the old pipes would rattle, and, when she was just near to the point of breaking, she felt a soft hand embrace her shoulder, startling her, so that she fling herself away until she realized it was Aiden.

"It's not easy, is it?"

"Excuse me?"

She questioned, with her eyebrow arching partly out of inquistiveness, but more out of anger, as she knew he was aware.

"Dealing with silence, in regret, it steals us. And it feeds, on the energy that sustains the average life, usually morphing them to death, before they even need worry about death. You wanted to know me? This is my life. Now, tell me what do you think could give me a purpose, in this world?"

May trembled just at the thought of how to possibly answer this question. There were so many things, she had assumed he would need, but, none of the assumptions she had made, could fill the gap he now had, and she knew it. So, instead she place her hands ever so gently against his cheeks, then tilted her head to him whispering

"I'll give you my company."

While pressing into a kiss with a slow depth that, if he were to admit such a thing, twisted his stomach into a knot before he recoiled, pulling away as he push her back.

"Silly girl. I'm trying to get you to realize there's nothing here for you. You will leave soon, I promise."

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