Thursday, October 3, 2013

Serious Moonlight (Web Mini)

Ed. 3

The days began to pass much more quickly now. And May found herself losing track of time itself. The emptiness had swallowed her in, and May became more aware of the existence Aiden drowned himself in.

As it was, she could hear the spiders legs crawl through weaving, and the creek of old wood, that had already gave a more obvious chill, through it's age, that concealed it from the shine of outside light. And even though Aiden was there, there was no communication, unless it came in the form of an order. And with such circumstance, May, couldn't help but feel dread. You see, with such time passing, and so little to do, she had fallen prey to an ultimately human concern, longing for a purpose, in a distance too long off, so she was left, feeling as the rat, trapped in it's wheel, trying to escape a cage, and yet too stubborn to leave it.

And then, as she lay soft cotton to an old desk, streaking away dust and residue, May found an old book. It had no title, and only a knife carved warning as a cover: Only these pages conceal darkness.

And ever the curious one, May, brushed the tips of her fingers against the edge of the cover, and with a tug, she was greeted first with a faceful of dirt and debri that came airborn. And then she stare down into this large book. Attempting with some difficulty to read from its hand scratch.

"The woman had spoken once again. Clear be her words, though not heard, neither by them, nor caught by a look upon her face. Evil comes as a broken heart, and shame not to speak. If only I do the things I pray, I would be stronger, and tell the raven what makes my heart beat so. For this, I would sell my soul."

May muttered along as she read, before using her sleeve to carefully dust away and clear more of the writing from the page, only to find it faded, so she turned the page over.

"This mirror, too, which I now face, acted as the door, for as much as humans have wondered on the power of this creation, I shall tempt it. There is nothing I would not do, to be anyone, but me."

Suddenly the small ammount of light flickered out from the rested candle, and May felt a cold breeze as it rush against her flesh, then turned her head, feeling as though eyes were peering over her.

"Aiden, is that you?"

And when nothing answered, she stood up turning her back to the mirror behind the book she had been reading from, and from here, pages silently turned and a figure of darkness reached out from the pages. And this darkness reach through the glass as a hand embracing May with force, and she only let out a scream, before she was sucked through the mirror, leaving the glass vibrating like water contained between the frame of wood, and Aiden came into the room to find the book rested open, and the shake in the mirror, and he let out a deep sigh.

"Ever the clever. They are such naughty creatures."

May slowly opened hazed eyes making out first blurred fingers, that drummed together in a way that caused her head to pulsate. Then as the man chuckle, she looked up to see his face, first through the long hair hanging cast over his eyes, then as the haze break away, she could more clearly distinguish each feature, the brunette and red shine through the hair that only barely masked a glow of green while the blue peer out at her openly, and the sickening grin, and his hand extend for her. But she crawl away and rejected this advance, instead staring at the ring on his finger that seemed fashioned from a diminished ivory bone curled to an S.

"Come now, I'm not going to harm you. After all, I owe you a favor, but that, like most of life, can be found as useless detail. You only need to know that I see you. A clever girl, whos curiousity yearns, to see the world of another for yourself. And because you've done me a favor, I have now given you the same. Through the eyes of a maiden, you shall know, all you'd wish to know, Good luck, 'Gabby'."

This strange man laugh, and then he simply walked off toward a bright light, where she could hear the echo of his whistling, and she tried to follow but then found herself hanging over the edge of a ship-like structure hundreds of feet above the ground and she felt a hand grasp at her shoulder reeling her back.

"Lords, Gabby, you must be careful, have you turned ill? Shall we return you to your home?"

And she turned her head to see an older gentleman holding her by her collar. Then she was approached by Aiden who seemed only a fraction younger than he appeared in her modern date.

"Yes, she looks as though she'd seen the damned, sir. Best course to take her home. I shall watch her until we lay to ground."

The older man nod, and turned his attention away and she stare at Aiden for a moment before muttering.


And very briefly he stare back, then his head turned away, and he clear his throat.

"Please, be more careful."

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