Saturday, August 24, 2013

Serious Moonlight (Web Mini)

Ed. 1

"Please, listen to me for once. I can help you. I can help you find purpose in your life again."

A womans plea, cast from lips shadowed by moonlight, through a colossus window, and reverberated in echoes through emptied halls, of deaths very palace. So very exposed, and yet, to the world, non-existant. A fragment of time, come and lost. And then, as though from the voice of it's own harbinger angel, the response with the softest, yet deepest tone.

"Oh so wise, to cast your attention to what I have not. So you may offer yet another carving in my shadow, but still not present me with a break in the wall."

"Excuse me?"

The woman interrupted, before strands of raspberry browned hair scattered back behind her ears, and she shivered feeling heated breath roll against her skin.

"It doesn't take a clever person, to see that I am alone. But I have made my place, and drawn my will to this, why should I make it any different? Be more clever, and realize, I have found my place in life."

"Buried in the darkness with blood that never stops flowing!?"

She barked back boldly, but then quivered feeling large fingers as they stretch around the bend in her shoulder, and sit at rest against it, then he lean against her ear.

"You proclaim to offer me purpose in this existance. But what is my existance? Everything that takes place, in my universe, is me. In essence, I am my existance, I am my universe. And so, to drag me from my tomb, you must come with a better reason than this."


She began, but then paused, and she pulled away his hand, then turned to face him, staring into the eyes, that by this darkness, gleem hazardously with an intoxicating silver.

"Then how about you step outside of your shell for those of us who do not have your life, for the people who are dying every second while you sit in this shelter, huh? How about you think of someone, beside yourself!?"

This man stare at her for a moment longer, before his lips curl, and he began to chuckle softly, before turning away from her.

"A bloody road you seek, with such ambition, for an impossible cause, just, like a human being. So simplistic."

"Then I am human, and if that is all you view me as, then what gives you the right to have the life you have? Don't blame my humanity for you being a coward, Aiden!"

This time, she hadn't time for the grimace, before she could hear the tightening of leather, as the hand embraced her neck, squeezing until she could see red, and in this red, she witnessed the devil show his horns, and shark like teeth, as he force down with such a power, that her knees buckled instantly against her own will, and he tilt his head like a snake as he stare down at her.

"May.. May, look into my eyes."

Aiden command, and May listened, her eyes staring into his, when they cast over with a darkness through the crimson that seemed to engulf her in fear itself.

"You, will learn to watch your tongue. Calling me a coward, as if you have some right to judge a man who has seen it all. Would you like to be made to watch, as crows feast upon your beating heart?"

"N-no, sir."

May barely managed to mutter now, as her throbbing temples now pulsate visibly from her forehead, and she could feel the pressure behind the sockets of her eyes, as though her skull were about to bust, just before he release her. Then as he calmed, he sweep his fingers back through his hair.

"I think it's time for you to leave, May."

"No, I don't want to die, but I won't give up, if you have to kill me, then make it fast."

Just the word no, nearly sent Aiden back into his rage, but his fist clinch tightly, and then release again.

"Oh, how your inability to take hints, and heed advice, shake the dust. If you stay, I shall tame that filth from you in ounces. And you will still cave, before I do, after all, what is an immortal, if not patient?"

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