Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Of Good And Evil review

Of Good and Evil: A Novel by Gerald G. Griffin

Ron Sheffield, a gifted but tormented Green Beret, plagued by suicidal guilt because of his “special” abilities, is discharged from the army for going “crazy.” Immediately, he is brutally beaten and shot by the Mafia, and is hospitalized near death. His life is dramatically saved by Amber Ash, who also possesses “special” abilities, and from there the two are propelled into harrowing ventures against mobsters, terrorists, and and a government cell out to kill them over Iraqi documents Ron possesses from his army service. In an ironic twist, Ron becomes a Mafia hit man to save his sanity, targeting only fallen mobsters. This brings Ron and Amber into contact with the powerful and humane gifted secret society, Eros; this contact eventually actualizing Ron’s mental gifts to a point beyond his imagination. Ron is confronted with the imminent nuclear obliteration of a major American city by a suicidal terrorist cell that only he can stop. But against impossible obstacles, will he be able to do it in time?

Of Good and Evil: A Novel

Author: Gerald G. Griffin

Genre: Fiction – Thriller/Suspense

Published by: Eloquent Books (July 27, 2010)

Age Recommendation: 18+ For Mild Sexuality & Some Violence

Format: eBook & Trade Paperback

ISBN13: 978-1609760144

Number of pages: 342

Where to buy and all other info on this book and the tour go HERE

My Thoughts:

I started reading this booka nd it drew me in from the first line. Whats not to like violence and hitmen and mobsters. It was a well written peice while  I enjoyed it   and would recomend it for others I will say this it isn't my norm of reading material  .I usually don't read millitary based works but for some reason this one drew me in. Griffin pulled off what most cant and thats hold my attention with the military elements so that gets major props. There isnt anything bad I can say about this book it was a great read. And does get the SiNners Stamp of approval.
So Go check it for ur self.

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