Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Guest Post with Gerald G. Griffin

Please welcome Gerald G. Griffin

Who was your biggest supporter while writing your book? Please tell why.

Anwin Valentine was my biggest supporter. An avid reader, Anwin praised the developing novel as unusual and close to the bone; a sensitive and compelling narrative, exciting and highly entertaining, with a captivating love story --- continuously reminding me that the novel was far better than many books she had read. She provided feedback and editing on every chapter as it was written, from rough draft to polished finish, including some suggestions on decor and appropriate fashion.

"This novel has real depth!' she often encouraged, many times adding, "It would make a wonderful movie!"

With such encouragement I pressed on. Meanwhile, Anwin, at every opportunity, raved on about the novel to her family, friends, acquaintances --- practically anyone who would listen. She even mailed drafts of the novel (when it was still not in final polished form) to her many friends around the world. waiting in anticipation for their positive response to what they had read. Whenever she did receive a positive reply from one of these overseas friends, she smiled buoyantly over her friend's agreement with how she felt, as was the case when she received the following e-mail from her friend, Bill Dixon, in Great Britain:

"I am reading Griff's book at present. I have read thousands of books but I've never had the author in such close contact. Enjoying it immensely! Can't wait to find out the outcome. It will of course be made into a movie/TV series."

"See, what did I tell you?" she said when when telling me about Dixon's e-mail. "You're an enormous talent! The world should know about your book. It should be in every library, in every bookstore, at every airport."

When I returned to writing my book, I kept these words in mind.

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  1. Beverly, I graciously thank you for your post! On my initial visit to it, in addition to my answer to your question, I saw your MY THOUGHTS on the novel and other vital information to the novel. But on all subsequent visits, this additional information isn't included on your post. It is now only a presentation of my answered question.

    What happened?!

  2. Finally. I found this additional information. It can be found by clicking "Older Post" listed below on the right.

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  3. sorry Gerald I made two postes because when i added it all together it seemed too long so i posted two seperate posts must of forgot to add the additional info link to this post I apologize for that