Sunday, June 7, 2009

My Top 10

My Better half did a post on the top ten things he couldnt live with out so ill respond in kind only
Im leaving out the obvious things like food and air and im going in order of importance
10. Noise i cant live with out it even when i want silence i still crave the noise its weird i know
9. Pepsi cause well its natures goodness
8. Books They have a whole new world just waiting to be explored with out ever haven to leave ur front door
7. My Pc (cause well just becase)
6. My friends sometimes i wanan trade them in for blind monkeys or drown them in a pool but hey its my right when they piss me off
5. My family (see above)
4. Artistic expression of all kinds with out it id be another mindless drone
3.Animals and nature beauty is everywhere just gotta look
2. My kids they drive me batty but they r mine
1. Baine cause well hes my better half and with out him id be lost truely

Soooo there you have it folks my top ten

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