Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Greedy little humans

A lot of things tick me off.Some things piss me off so much that I wanna choke the life out of them. So heres alist of some things that piss me off in no particular order

1. People who think that they r gods gift to mankind (pleaseeee if u think ur gods gift means ya momma didnt smack that ass enough and all she did was tell u how wonderful you are news flash that just means ur a moron and she feels sorry for u all moms are supposed to adore their children so maybe you could ask a friend but maybe you should ask someone who hates your ass they will tell the truth they have nothing to lose)

2. Those greedy ass fucks who thinks that everyone should just hand them everything then bitch and moan when someone else gets something ( get over ur selves already if u want it get off ur fuckin asses and earn it )

3. child abusers of any kinds ( no real explanation needed here)

4. Women /men who think its ok to try and take someone elses man/woman then act shocked when they get beat down or turned down

5. Drama bitches that cant take what they already dish out (IF you can bring it then you better be willing to back it up a short boost of confidence after u had someone else fight ur battle doesnt count as bringing it )

6. People who believe in one way of life then look down their noses at something they dont understand or want to give a chance to understand ( guess what idiots its not ur life so dont think because ur one of these peachy ppl who thinks everyone should be clones and drones and act one way doesnt mean everyone shares that sentiment)

7. drunks and morons ( enough said there really)

8. thewhiney bitchs who think that everything someone else gets should be coming to them (refer to number 1)

9. mommas boys and girls ( these r the ones who have other siblings and their parents forget that they do because they spoil them welll all i can say is when u are almost 40 and still a mommas girl/boy shoot ur self now)

10.negative people who are only negative because they have nothing else to say or do get a life all fuckin ready some of us dont care of ur negative or stressed if that all you have to say

11.Men who only defned their women as a means to berate others and to look like they are top dog (pleaseeee if u have to defend them after they screw up ur still not gettin any just makes u a bigger moron then u were the last time )

these r just a few things that piss me off some arent as important as others

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  1. Sinn,

    Love that list!

    Also wanted to let you know that you won a copy of Marcia James's book AT HER COMMAND when you visited Armchair Heroines last week. Would you email me at and we'll get you Marcia's book?!

    Have a great week!