Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Life lessons

As a kid you sit and dream about fairy tales and how everythingis perfect with out a care in the world
Instead of how people think things should be then later on as an adult we lose our passion
for life and how things r alot simpler as a child seems that the more things change the more they
stay the same.
We tend to forget our roots of magic and make believe to grow up and be in the real world and
looking at the world today thats kind of sad seeing children become mini adults before they ever
had the chance to day dream and truelly explore the magic of the world .Now they only see the
uglyness of it .
I sit and ponder about that thought alot mainly because well i sit and watch my young neice
play and romp and carry on and it occurd to me in a few short years someone will want that
burning light to be estinguished for selfish reasons. Seems to be the reigning idea get them
while they are young so they lose that magic every child has.

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