Thursday, March 29, 2012

Review of Deceived By Stephanie Nelson

Synopsis: The vampire drug, brew nearly ruined Gwen Sparks life.Just as things start to get back to normal between her and Aiden, she's summonsed to meet with the witches council. A war is imminent between the vampires and witches and Gwen's experience with brew is being used to fuel the fire. She'll find out exactly how powerful she is with the help of Death himself and what it means to be deceived.

My Thoughts : I love Gwen and this book makes me want more from her and these characters. Holly pissed me off from the get go knew she was sneaky and was hiding something tho id really like to know what she has on Kye to make him be her lap puppy or Dorian for that matter. I am curious to know what happeneds next if Gwen and the hot Aiden stay together or if theres gonna be a 3 party twist in future books cause the yummy Dorian in the mix things could get more dicey.This book was a bit harder togetin to at first but after a couple of chapteres it ran smoothly and I enjoyed the read can't wait for more from Gwen and her two yummy admirers and her best friend Fiona. This book Gets the SiNner stamp of aproval for sure.

So the only question I have is ... Whats Next for Gwen and what happends to Holly?

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