Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Raven

It is not solitude that is maddening.
It is the silence. For what happens,
when these four walls, are undone?

A hell. Unlike the written word. Rather, futuristic, and other worldly in it's nature. There was no molten-lighting. But instead only lit by the dim green and blue glow of technology, far surpassing human devices. And from it's depths. Where it could be seen much like any community, albeit, one so lawless. One prison stood out. A pyramid of white.

Far cries, wailing, from inside. Bodies passing mindlessly. The tainted, lacking their care of attention. Hardened criminals, that still cringe, if they dare time the pyramid of laser security, and step close enough to hear the goings on, that resonate from the wall, behind the head of a dragon, where the eerie and very much living breath of these four walls pour out through their white lights, and surround the perimeter in a haze of fog, thick, like smoke. A prison for the most prized possession of Lucifer. A wonderland of horror shows. Dynamite, in a small box.

Moving beyond the gates of the outer wall. An inner barricade. The stone only over casing an iron-box. The tomb with a scripture. "Here Lies Raven." And casting open the iron doors, that keep the beast caged. A malnourished, behemoth of men, with eyes, like crimson mirrors, reflection and blood in one. His stomach sucked so tight, every beat of his heart, rhythmically pulse the flesh through to his waist. As he pull on his chains.

"Feed me, god damn it!"

No room for a gray-line here. The guards motioned one in after the other. While most surround him with their toys at their ready. Preparing for the worst. Two of them took position behind him. While the last two in drug the one they identified as "The Whore" behind them, and drew her to her knees, before Raven. Then, he grunt, he snarl, and he thrash against his binding chains.


The two behind him, undid his binding, and before they could move back under the watchful eyes of the others. Raven was upon the whore. Her body drawn back, smashed, skull broken on the floor. While he ravage her from the inside out. Scouring at the muscle behind the flesh, and pulling it apart so that it string away in his fingers, like wet sand. And, when they felt he had enough, they sent the two back in to restrain him by reeling his chains back into his binding. And drag what very little left remained, of the whore, now with nothing above the center lining of her belly button, and they turned their backs, individually bowing out, one after the other, with the last two dragging her carcass.

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