Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Reaper Two-Six review

The world is suffering from the effects of out-of-control terrorism. Governments are spending huge amounts of precious capital for the safety and security of air and rail transportation as well as inspections at all sea ports. The global economic effect is crippling; countries struggle to manage commerce, international trade, business growth, job creation and tourism. The world’s economy is on the brink of collapse. The Global Defense Organization TM (GDO) has been created to be a cost effective multinational elite group that monitors, infiltrates and eliminates terrorist activities within all supporting countries. Known only as Reaper Two-Six TM, this secret 48 member squadron has quickly earned a reputation for precisely eliminating terrorist threats, in the air and on the ground. Why did China and Columbia oppose the creation of the GDO? Are they connected to global terrorist cells? Are they secretly financing the sale of weapons? The Reaper’s greatest challenge is now upon them; infiltrate China and Columbia to discover their real intentions. Through a series of electrifying and heart-stopping missions, see how the Reapers use their skills and advanced technology to put fear back where it belongs, in the minds of the terrorists, not in the minds of its citizens.

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My Thoughts: Military related books never are my cup of tea for some reason this one appealed to me at first then it fell sadly short. I didnt enjoy reading this book I tried and  just couldn't finish it. Maybe  others may like it and well thats all well and good but in my personal opinion it  was a waste of my time. The characters needed more development. Should of spent more time developing in depth characters first then writing the book.

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