Sunday, November 13, 2011

Edenfantasys and the products I love

I don't write a whole lot of reviews on here for Eden and I really Should. There are alot of sex toys I just love. Not just their bath and body lines or their cute costumes . But today im going to give special ode to their dildo and vibrator lines. I have a love for them really I own some I even buy some as gifts for my sister  well she picks them out I buy them but its win win really. Today tho I want to give a special review of one of my favorite products. The Astrovibe capicorn.

I love this toy. When I first baught it I never thought I would like it as much as I do was actually baught more as a whim when my sister picked out her sign vibe yano following the crowd and all of that. But really it was  and is an awesome perchase  I have used it so often its my first pick dildo and vibe. The viberation isnt too hard or too light or even too buzzy its just right and hits the spots you want it to hit with out any trouble, the silcone of the toy is flexable so it can bend and  you can stimulate your g-spot rather nicely. I do how ever wish the cntrolls were placed in a different location but I relaly havent had too many slips when I get going where the vibrations are too strong or not strong enough. I love that the girth isnt too much but isnt thin by any means. The length is 8 inches  definantly worth every penny I spent just on the size alone. Im not exactly a size queen but this one fills you up and gives you the slight stretched feeling some love.

Cons to the toy: The batteries fit in the bottom so if you dont have it screwed in right it wont work and can sometimes fall out if not screwed on tightly enough. controlls on the bottom, and isnt water proof and alil but tedious to clean

pros to the toy: The price , can collect them all,Silicone, flexable, nice intence vibrations

All and All I give this toy 4 stars would give it a half star but well me i dont do halves. But definantly a toy you should look in to buying.

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Disclaimer : I am an Eden Ambassador and do recieve gift cards for testimonials but these are my own  honest opinions of this product and any other

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