Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Guest Post by Fiona Dodwell

It's All In The Mind

When I first conceived of the idea of writing Obsessed, I was in the middle of reading some online comments about the supposed existence of spirits. The debate is an age-old one: do we exist after we die? Do we possess souls? Do spirits haunt people, haunt properties? These questions have stood the test of time – but we have never, truly, found a satisfactory answer.

One thing that did strike me was that many people who claimed they were sceptical had a strong case: there are genuinely strong – and very rational – reasons to explain away events that some might perceive to be paranormal. Obsessed began with this question: what if the sceptics, what if those level-headed and academic voices of reason that dismiss such claims of life-after-death, are wrong?

What if, sometimes the rational reasons we use to dismiss the paranormal are actually just wishful thinking?

Obsessed is a ghost story essentially about this. My character, James Barker, witnesses a gruesome suicide and soon after, begins witnessing visions of the dead man – in his home, in his everyday life. Is James being haunted? Frightened by the events unfolding, James visits a therapist who tells him he is suffering with post-traumatic stress. However, as time moves on, and as the eerie and uncomfortable happenings increase, James has to ask himself this: should he trust and rely on the voice of rationality and reason, or could he be seeing the spirit of a dead man?

Can the dead return?

If the idea of exploring these things interest you, I hope you enjoy Obsessed. I feel the parallel between James and his therapist's version of events in my story can pull in the most ardent sceptic and the most staunch believer. I feel there is something for everyone in this story.

At the end though, I leave the reader to ask of themselves this question, and it is their response that can shape their feelings about the book: do spirits exist?

~~~  Thank you for stoping in today Fiona! The book is Amazing  so people really go get it ! ~~~

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