Tuesday, September 13, 2011

How I Became a Killer Guest postand give away (The Arranger Tour)

Please welcome Paul Madsen from L.J. Sellers Book The Arranger to the blog today!

Dear Readers

My name is Paul Madsen, the year is 2023, and I’m a software maintenance tech for the US federal government. I work in the new Personnel Department that was created after the massive cuts to government in 2017. I live alone with my dog, Lilly, I have dinner with my foster mother once a month, and I’m an active supporter of Transitions, a foundation that helps foster children who age out of the system. My life was simple, but lonely, until I was assigned the creation of the replacement database, a trove of information that proved irresistible to me.

Yet it wasn’t just access to the information that set me off in a completely new direction. It was the concomitant attention of a beautiful co-worker named Camille. She flirted with me and gave me a glimmer of hope. You really can’t blame me for falling for her. Any guy would. But I started to think I had a chance with her…if only I could make a few changes.

Those changes involved cosmetic surgery, a prohibitively expensive luxury for a federal tech guy. Improving my looks was something I always wanted but never thought I could afford. Then suddenly I had access to valuable information, and I realized I knew how to sell and manipulate that data. Camille gave me a strong motivation to make it happen. So I went for it.

The arrangements seemed harmless enough in the beginning. I picked employees who needed to be fired anyway, and I sold their jobs to someone who wanted the pay raise and the high-end med card. Sending the emails and meeting the targets for the cash drops were the most terrifying and exciting things I’ve ever done.

The cash bought me a new face: a nose job, a chin implant, and caps on my teeth. You should see me now. I don’t cringe when I look in the mirror any more. But there aren’t many mirrors in prison, so my new face won’t mean much if I get caught. For right now, I like the way I look and people notice me, but I’m not sure I like who’ve I’ve become.

I worry that I’m going to regret all of it. (Except the sex with Camille.) I never meant to hurt anyone. Along the way to getting what I wanted, I experienced some painful personal setbacks. I didn’t realize how much the grief had changed me until it was too late. I hope you’ll read my story and understand how I got here…and not hate me for it.

Sincerely, Paul

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  1. Thank you for hosting me. I loved writing this book, and I'm so pleased readers have responded so well to it.