Thursday, September 15, 2011

Guest Post By Rachel Firasek

The Beauty is in the Death...

He reaches for her, wrapping his fingers around her shoulders and drawing her into his arms. “I’d die for you.”

STOP! REWIND!!! (Remember that movie back in the 80’s, Two of a Kind? This was my favorite part. STOP! REWIND!!!

Okay, my tangents over, back to the story. When you’re reading a powerful romance and someone says, “Don’t you know I’d die for you?” What do you as the reader think? Do you roll your eyes? (My reaction, unless it’s done right) Does your heart flutter a bit? (Only if Gerard Butler is saying it and he’s half naked like in the movie 300. Yum! )

But, what if the choice was taken from you? What if you were forced to die for someone else over and over again? And not only do you die constantly, but it’s for complete strangers that you’ve either never met, or only briefly met. Could you handle this? Would you love your duty as the death snatcher?

Do you love anyone enough to die for them? Could you?

In The Last Rising, I’ve taken a woman who’s tired of her life and completely at a loss of emotion and thrust her into a cycle of never ending death. She’s tired. Alone. I’ve completely broken her. The only salvation she has is that someday the god controlling her existence may let her have an eternal peace. A true death.

There is a beauty in dying, passing from this world to the next, but only if you are truly living. Live life so that the passing means something. Love like it’s your last day here on Earth. And spread the word that the pheonix lives forever inside the memories we leave behind.

~~Rachel Firasek, creator of memories…


  1. Great post Rachel! Made me think about things! Always a good thing!

  2. Beautiful post, Rachel. I can unequivocally say I would die for my son. There are people in this world you would do anything for. They are what make life worth living. :-)

    I read The Last Rising earlier this week and loved it! Can't wait for the next!

  3. Lisa, thank you, girl! Thinking is great!

    Rosalie, I'm with you. My kids are my heart. Yay, and thanks for reading me. ;)

  4. Very deep post Rachel. I would never tell a person in seriousness that I would die for them, because what if I am faced with the choice? What if, for whatever reason, I can't carry it out? I'm not fond of lying to them either.

  5. Calisa, thanks SO MUCH. I know it's very thought provoking. Makes me kind of sad about the people I wouldn't. You'd be surprised. ;)

  6. Great post, Rachel! Your story sounds wonderful, and I can't wait to read it.

  7. This is a lovely page and a lovely post by my other boss lady Rachel:)

    Sassy Siren Sister Earthie stopping in:)

  8. Great blog Rachel!!!

    I would definitely die for either of my kids without question...

    Good luck with your new release!!!

    Lisa :)

  9. Thanks, Cate!!!

    Heather, Thanks for stopping by.

    Lisa, I'm with you. Kids are a definite. Thanks you!