Friday, July 15, 2011

Why Customer Service on rocks!!

Recently I experienced a difficult order issue a storm knocked out Eden’s server so orders were mixed up and was frustrating on all sides. So I contacted them and at first I was all man I hate dealing with customer service. So I called and talked to them about my issue so they worked with me and helped rectify the issue. Only things didn’t work out so simple a few phone calls later and the awesome customer service working hard to rectify this issue. Finally my order arrived and I had another issue so once again I called back the rep was so nice and awesome she worked threw the issue helped me fix it all with a smile in her voice and understanding. Not only did they help with my issue she personally went and checked at the warehouse to find out what the hold up was with it not something many customer service people will do so see above and beyond. To me that is a major part of customer loyalty is nice and helpful customer service staff that will go above and beyond to make the customers happy. They recently have a campaign A shop I trust and let me tell you it is a shop I trust. When people go above and beyond it means they care about you and your business. And they really achieved greatness with that! Thank you Eden Customer Service!!!!


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