Thursday, December 31, 2009

The New year Ramblings

Well Another New year has come and the old one is gone a couple days till my birthday and i ask my self whats different if anything well. Not much is really different same things new things old things somethings that come at a blur. All I know for sure is its a new year. Maybe some new possiblities or old possiblities with new endings who knows for sure. All I can really say for sure is last year was full of ups and downs and all sorts of surprise endings. New life was born old life was taken. So All and all I guess was an ok year. You wont hear or read me bitch and moan about the economy crisis or any of that crap because well thats every where else doesnt need to be added here too if you were looking for that all youd really have to do is turn on your news.

With the new year new changes tho for one I'm not gonna be lazy and ill probably post some reviews of books I like even if it isnt something any of you like because wellll its my blog so i can post anything I so chose including this long winded post about well nothing.

Coming SOON

A review on

Entwined By Fate By S.A. Price

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