Friday, January 4, 2013

Desires unleashed Guest Post

My name is D.N. Simmons an d Im here to tell you a little bit about me
and my series the Knights of the Darkness Chronicles. Like most, if not
all of you, I enjoy watching True Blood, Vampire Diaries and pretty much
any TV show or movie about vampires/shifters and other supernatural
beings. Why? Well because its fun. Its fun to see these supernatural
beings that are powerful, dangerous and if were lucky, sexy doing what
they do. I dont know, maybe it stems from superheroes who have all of
these abilities, but you rarely see them in any other light other than the
vanilla hero. That might be why Batman and Wolverine are so popular. They
have that dark sex appeal to them, and hey, where Wolverine is concerned,
he has that animalistic magnetism added to his hotlicious package.

I think thats why vampires and shifters are so popular and with the
stroke or a pen or the press of a button these days, a writer can make
these creatures larger than life. Being a fan of the urban-fantasy,
paranormal genre, I wanted to create the books Ive always wanted to read.
I wanted to blaze a brand new avenue for readers to discover that would
lead them on an adventure that was anything but predictable or boring. I
made sure when writing my series that I had to be entertained, not from an
authors perspective, but from a reader of the genres. When I could
laugh, or cry, or hold my breath as I read each book, I knew then it was
ready to hit the presses.

If youre looking for a new series thats sure to sweep you off your feet,
dive on into the Knights of the Darkness Chronicles. Youll be happy you
did. Im not just the author; Im also one of many number one fans. :D

Thanks for stopping in D.N.!

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