Monday, December 10, 2012

Just Chemistry by Vera Jax Review


Logan is powerfully attracted to the woman standing before him in the elevator. Minutes later he discovers that they have at least one thing in common: both work for Blue Dreams Marketing—he in the LA office and she in the Houston branch. And he is Sam’s superior. 

Sam is equally attracted to Logan. Not one to let opportunities slip by, she gets him to share a “lunch” where each is the main course. But Sam has worked too hard to jeopardize a career she loves for the sake of sexual chemistry. Everyone knows that sleeping with—let alone dating—a superior is bad business. Worse still is the fact that Logan is being considered for a promotion that may put Sam’s job on the line. 

Sam breaks it off with Logan. But he won’t let her go, even after being presented with evidence that Sam is involved in another office affair. In the end corporate intrigue forces Sam and Logan to band together for the sake of their careers. Logan is determined to remain at Sam’s side, but will she let him?

My Thoughts:

The Heat in this was rather hot. Sam knew what she wanted and took it. Logan hot smart and a go getter in the boardroom and the bedroom.Tho  I have to say Sam was a bit perdictable. While I enjoyed the story and had a great plot . It was predictable but in a good way. I didn't expect the car accident or  Sam's boss being such a douch bag. I loved the end and how Martin got what he deserved . Was a good read  and Do recommend it to anyone who wants a hot and quick read. This book gets the SiNners Stamp of a proval.

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