Thursday, November 1, 2012


Ironic. It's the soul of the poet.
To look upon the pain, when you don't want it.
But, it hurts sometimes to hold onto the fits.
I want to bring you back, and I'm having a rough go of it.
With everyone elses problems, getting in the way of it.
And knowing that I'm doomed for a second rejection.
When I try to fight so hard, with nothing to show for it.
Now I'm sure, it might seem like I'm full of it.
And maybe it's hard for you to want to admit.
The changes got the best of us, and it became habbit.
But, I don't believe this is the life you want to live.
And I'm sure, it can be hard to swallow it.
But, I believe if you look hard enough you'll see fit.
You'll bring back the love of my life.

Because I'm going to do something crazy, now don't be shy.
And I'll begin with the words "Once upon a time,"
The way telling any story of a princess, should be.
There was a shy girl, in a hallway.
She stuttered, almost unrecognizeably
When she spoke to me the first time.
When all I asked her, was, what is your name?
Now, it's stained inside closed eyes.
And refuses to leave my mind, anymore than the rest.
From the good times, and the bad.
I've never truly left your side.
Because even the bad times are the best I've had.
So tell me sweetheart? What do you need me to say to change your mind?
Should I remind you, that without your soul in mine.
I simply fall out of touch, and I lose my mind.
And I will fall to love not with another, but wine.
Giving into a simplistic, but ensured suicide.
All because without you, I have no peace of mind.
I don't feel safe inside.
Being with only my own company.
It's a dangerous thing to me.
Because I don't like me very much without the love of my life.

So tell me sweetheart? Do you need a greater sign, I'm worth the time and tide?
I've never let you fall away, and give into your misery.
And for every step you've pulled me from the grave.
I can promise you I have also done the same.
I've always made a habbit of fighting to the last breath.
And this weakness, its only just recent, because I need to know you're in it.
If I'm not fighting for my love, then I'm not fighting for my life.
And like with anything else, I will give up easily.
So just tell me the truth, tell me in secret if need be
Are you still in love with me?
Because I need to know, are you still the love of my life?

I will tell the world, that I am unafraid.
And I can place a mask over my pain and hide.
But instead, I'm peeling all of that away.
Telling you that I have a weakness, and alot of regrets.
And I'm begging you, don't murder me by turning away.
If not, because I will not live for another day.
Then because I would never want to add you to that list.
Because my heart is still set on you being my wife.
And that's why you are the love of my life.
Turning away, and letting the world change this.
will let the monsters in to ruin my bliss.
And I don't believe, that even in my arrogance.
That I've done anything to deserve this.
So please, if you see this, give me a kiss.
And let me know, are you still the love of my life?
Have I faught the good fight? Have I kept what is mine?
I'll use this like a coin, and let fate decide.

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