Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Gideon (2)

Claire faught as best she could, but there was no relenting with Nine. And why should there be? This man had been paid to do a job. And she knew this too. It was not as though she were with just any normal man. With thickening mist, the cold chills erupted like dried ice against her spine, and she would be forced to stop, lowering to one knee, and begging for just a moment of peace. And while he would not deny her this, she would still look upon him in her weakness. Unphased, and not even tempted to the warmth of her skin, as she had certainly found herself considering his.

"So it's true what they say? That Gideon gives its soul away to feel no pain, or anything?"

There it was, with a question, she had accepted who she was dealing with. And this wretched beast of a man turned his attention to her, with a tilt of his head, and a curious eye. But only chuckled.

"What, you can't talk to me, is that it? Is it because I'm a woman? Are you gay?"

"Perhaps I am?"

"Well that's okay too then."

"I know it is. I didn't ask your permission."

Nine sat staring at Claire with just the slightest hint of disgust. Leaving her to feel as though she had actually managed to insult him. But then he shook his head.

"Maybe, I'm just not telling you, because your question was stupid."

"I'm sorry. I've given my ear to rumors, but, it's strange, aren't you cold? Can't you feel things, like me?"

This question, still struck him off, but he could tell if he didn't answer this time. It wouldn't go away.

"Before the demons came. There were prophets that warned of this day. Dangerous men, and monsters, that would meet on the streets."

Claire was looking at Nine as he spoke, and he could see she was intent on hearing everything. With that, Nine disrobed his upperbody, and revealed scars in the moonlight, and with each scar, it brought to mind one bloody battle after another, but one in particular stuck out above all the rest. With its size especially. Spanning from shoulder to hip.

"When they say I have no soul, and that I am heartless. It is because a demon has made me this way. I did not choose to be dead, but a monster greater than a devil, has marked me. So, like the others I have joined Gideon. I will fight until I kill the God who has my heart, or he finally gives me eternal rest."

"That sounds lonely.."

Claire finally said, having heard his answer, as she sat staring at him. But Nine shook his head. And he began to put his clothes back on.

"It's the perfect life for me. I won't pretend I feel the things you do, because I don't have to. I am a killer, I have had a taste of blood, and I crave it, this does not make me any better than him. So if you're afraid, you should be. Now, stand up. If you have time to talk, you have time to move."

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