Thursday, October 11, 2012

Bitten Shame Guest post

Roon’s Running the Show


Hey there!  Roon here, from the Bend-Bite-Shift Trilogy.  Olivia doesn’t really know I’m here stealing her guest slot, but hey… it’s no secret that she doesn’t give me the time I deserve.  I mean, heck, she never lets me have any fun and the other guys in the books crowd me out of all the action.  So, I’m hijacking this blog!

Here’s the thing.  Since Olivia doesn’t want to give me any female companionship in her books, I thought maybe I’d get you readers involved so that you could help a faery out.  Just so you can get things right, I thought I’d give you my top five list of sexy ladies.  If you could hook me up in a story with one these gals, then I would… well, hell, I’m not a genie, but I’ll give you three wishes.  How’s that? 

5.            Fiona Bennet– Well, c’mon!  Are you surprised the first person I list would be a witch?  I mean it’s pretty obvious I have an affection for witches of the female persuasion, and Fiona is one hot witch.   Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know her BFF Gwen is a tough cookie and probably won’t think I’m good enough for her, but heck, Gwen’s in love with a vampire and has the angel of death chasing after her.  I mean, who is she to judge?  So whadya say?  Talk to Olivia and tell her to have Fiona get her witchy self on over here to my place in the faery realm.  Boomchickawowow…

4.            The Siren Sarina – Okay, I know what you’re thinking.  A siren?  Really?  Trust me!  I can totally handle her.  I am a handsome, suave guy.  Plus I’m a faery.  A siren’s not gonna use me up and spit me out.  I think I could stand a good chance of being “the one” for Sarina.  And even if I’m not, it will be one helluva good time getting together with someone who looks as good as she does *winks* 

3.            Melissa Lummis – Ah… fooled you.  You thought I was only interested in paranormals, but hey, I got nothing against a fabulous looking human.  And they don’t get any sexier than Melissa.  Not to mention she’s a super talented writer, which means she’s got an imagination on her too!  So go ahead and start facebooking, emailing and tweeting Olivia.  Tell her to get in touch with Melissa and cast her in the next Bend-Bite-Shift book.

2.            Femi from the Abyss– Yep, that good-looking gal with the feline eyes gets my blood boiling.  She might be a Sekhmet but she is one feisty woman and I’d just love to let her sink her claws into me.  I saw her not too long ago when I was in a bar drinking away my loneliness.  Uh,huh, I need me some of that bounty-hunter lovin’.

1.            Devan Stowe – You all have to realize that Olivia’s wrong about pairing Devan up with Kent.  I mean, the dude’s just got some sorta neat power to bend things, that’s all.  I’m a faery, she’s part faery.  It makes sense.  Besides, I’ve been loving her for a very, very long time and that ought to count for something.  All Olivia has to do it give Kent some other love interest and Devvie might be sad for a while, but then she’d need help from her best friend, moi!  You know how chicks are when they’re on the rebound.  One thing would lead to another and Bam!  There we go.  Boomchika…

Aw, dang, I hear Olivia coming.  I better get out of here before she sees what I’ve done.  Just start sending her those messages.  She adores her readers and she’ll listen to you guys.  I mean, don’t you realize that faeries need lovin’ too?
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Special Note : I was given a copy of this book for review,but I couldnt give it a fair and honest review so  I will say this Olivia is awesome the book just wasnt for me. So check it out if you get the chance because what isnt for me could be for one of you.


  1. Thank you for host Olivia (Roon) today :)

  2. Sorry you didn't like the book but I loved it. Great Guest post!

  3. Thanks so much for letting me guest today! Happy reading, All.


  4. I wanted to give it a fair try and maybe its because I didnt read them in order so I still may pick them back up and read them again thank you for stopping in