Sunday, May 20, 2012

Eden a community that cares

Its been a while since I posted about Edenfantasys. Here I am doing so. I have to say I enjoy the Community the forums and the groups even the magazine.Tho the one thing that sets Eden apart from other sex toy shops on the net is its  community.There you can find reviews and forum posts that  everyone can be involved in especially its customers. I have been  a part of Edenfantasys for a while now and its a place where I have learned more then I thought possible this community gives back to its members be it advice or well wishes to honest reviews that help someone  have a well informed idea about a product. This will be my last post about Edenfantasys for a while . Go check out the Sexis magazine ,community,and Edencafe. This community is one I am proud to be a part of and one I will keep being a part of for years to come . So come check out  Edenfantasys you  wont be disappointed.

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