Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Raven (Cont.)

What is the meaning of reality? To identify things, only as they exist, as opposed to idealism. But who dictates what is reality? Does this state all things are fiction because these things, are unseen? And if that is the case, who gives man the right, to dictate what is real? The eye of the beholder. It is weak. It distorts, those things we should often see within ourselves. So.. why would it not lie to us, about the things in the corner of our eye? It's all too real, to some of us.

"Yeah, Doc. He's been having night terrors. In general, hallucinating things again. He's becoming violent. I tried to change the dosage like you recommended. But, he just keeps getting worse."

"Okay. Dawn. Just get Evan up, and bring him to my office. We'll see if we can't help him, today. Alright?"

"Okay. Thanks, Doc."

Dawn hung up, and sigh. Then she walked up the stares, creeking the door open, to find Evan sleeping soundly. Only stirring to smack her, as she touch his ankle. So she shook him once more.

"Get up, Evan. We have to go, you have an appointment with Doctor Kennedy."

"Get out of here!"

Evan demanded. But she jolt the curtains open, and gave him a push, so he jerk to his feet, stomping his heels, as if he might frighten her.

"I'm just trying to make you feel better, Evan. I want you to get better, and this is the only way."

"I'll never get be..."

Evan stopped, while buttoning his shirt in the hallway, and turned his head, when he started to shake. He could see the men that came out of the shadows in the hall. Their black suits. The darkness, he had identified for years now, as the men in black.

"That's it? Wasn't it? Trying to set me up mom!? Trying to give me over to the men in black!?"

"What are you saying, Evan?"

Dawn tried to calm him, but Evan grab Dawn around her neck, holding her infront of himself while he smash his other arm through the window.

"Don't mess with me. I'll die and take you with me, before they get me!"

Evan finished smashing the glass out, clearing it from the window. Then he threw Dawn to the floor in the hall, seeing her plow through the men in black, from the shadows, then he lept from the cleared window, landing with a thud, and twisting his ankle, but still standing. And Evan run from the house, out into the street. And as Dawn came from the house, chasing behind Evan, she stumble and crash against her knees, crying out.

"Please stop, Evan. I can't keep up with you anymore!"

Then another man, came from behind their neighbors truck bed. It was their neighbor Thomas. A middle aged gentleman, tall, long dark hair, and an icey stare, who grab hold of Evan's shoulder.

"You, stop there now. You're terrorizing your poor, poor mother."

The man said, peeking over Evan's shoulder. And for a time, everything around Evan was coming to surface, in brimstone, hellfire, and darkness. All these things, that had scared him senseless since he was a child. And still, there was something more frightening to him. The man holding his shoulder.

"Get your hand off of me, demon."

"Excuse me?"

Evan's eyes, narrowed like cat's eyes peering down a potential threat. The fear turning primal. And Evan's voice boomed, as he hollar at Thomas.

"Get your hand away from me!"

Evan punched the inside of his bicep, his grip loosend, and he fall away, but quickly retorted to stand infront of Evan again, and Thomas warned, his temper, growing short.

"You need to calm down, young man. You're pushing your luck."

But even as he now sounded more threatening. Evan still took a defensive stance, his hand extended, waiting like a snake to react. And he replied to Thomas.

"If you are so willing. I bid a bone, against your soul, heathen. It will teach you your place."

Then he inhail sharply, and exhail slow and gently. And when Thomas reach for him again, he drove his knee against Thomas' solar plexus. And then a second time, aimed higher, and lifting as it came in, to break a single rib. Then Evan grapple Thomas' neck, only briefly, and throw him with a vicious force against the concrete, splitting his head open, the blood pour, and Thomas lay unconcious, then Evan turned to Dawn, his mother, and he darken his own tone.

"Don't you ever, ever, come after me again. Or I will crush you, traitor."

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