Thursday, September 8, 2011

Mj Preston cover love and awesomeness

MJ Preston is considered by his neighbours to be a bit on the eccentric side. He never puts up Christmas lights, yet during Halloween his yard is adorned with, gravestones, severed limbs, chainsaw wielding maniacs and giant spiders.

An ardent fan of the horror genre, he has been writing since he was a kid. In his early 20's he wrote film reviews for his hometown paper and while serving in the military he penned articles for more than few military newspapers.

In 1999 he founded the newsgroup Canadian Veterans' Alliance which championed the rights of wounded soldiers. This caught the eye of politicians and news media which landed him on the CBC's talk show TALK TV with Anne Petre.

In late 2009 he decided to dust off a half-finished manuscript he started well over a decade before. Originally written on an Olivetti typewriter the manuscript titled: THE EQUINOX came to life and was published in July of 2011.

Along with writing MJ Preston is also an artist using the computer as his canvas and creating digital art that is.. You guessed it, somewhat on the macabre side. From floating mystical orbs, to hungry intestinal eating ghouls, MJ Preston wields the virtual paintbrush of a proverbial madman.

He states, "I like to look at the darker side of human nature, pick at the things that bother us and see what lies beneath the surface."

Living in Canada, MJ Preston is now working on his second novel and producing a graphic series he calls: The Fourth Horseman.

Like a demented child, he waits excitedly for October 31st.

His websites are:

Links to MJ Prestons Websites-Blogs-Videography-Artwork

I just love this cover the reds it is one of my favorites..

MJ Preston – The Equinox

This site is dedicated to the novel the equinox and includes video, artwork and information about the novel. Included in this site is a pictorial called The Dark Gallery which holds a large cache of artwork created by MJ Preston during the writing of THE EQUINOX.

The Black Galleries

Featuring the dark artwork of MJ Preston and a blog known as the Sketchbook Memoirs

The Dark World of MJ Preston

A relatively new blog where MJ muses about his writing and the characters he writes about.

MJ Preston’s Youtube Channel

Videos created by MJ Preston that feature trailers for the Novel and animations and artwork relating to the book. All of the video found on the youtube channel can be accessed through MJ Preston – The Equinox

MJ Preston’s Facebook

MJ Preston on Twitter

Stay tuned tomarrow for a excerpt and give away of this book


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